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  1. I'm still using the Ping Hoofer we got at the '15 Newport Cup. The straps can be a bit finicky, but otherwise it's a great bag.
  2. I play probably once or twice a year. I think my best score is somewhere in the 30s.
  3. It's a bummer. We don't get to see too many Coore/Crenshaw courses on Tour, even as they take over every top 100 list. I think the only one now will be Kapalua.
  4. I'm extremely far from being a Chamblee fan, but this seems egregious to me. f*** Reed.
  5. The only one I’ve played is Deerfield, but that’s a very nice course. Not sure I’d take a road trip to play it, but it’s solid.
  6. I’d be willing to bet that most of the slowness and bugs are due to the fact that everyone has been overloading the servers checking how their handicap changed today. I wouldn’t panic. There’s a reason they rolled it out in January and not prime score-posting season.
  7. 6+ years from being born...
  8. Mine went from 2.9 down slightly to 2.6. Easiest handicap drop I ever had. 😉
  9. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen it happen, and never by me haha.
  10. Left is a dead ringer for my swing from about 2006.
  11. I signed up. Going through 2019 mentally, if I’d tracked it last year I think I got 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, and 18, which pretty closely tracks with the difficulty of those holes vs. the holes I didn’t birdie. And I’m pretty sure a few in there I’ve never birdied So here’s hoping I get those plus the other five in 2020.
  12. I’ve been thinking about getting a scorecard holder. My pants tend to get pretty sweaty, and the card likes to fly out of my back pocket, so I’ve resorted to putting the card in my bag a few times (like an animal). Not sure what I’d put in it besides a card and a pencil though.
  13. jamo

    2019 Tour Golf Stats

    I’m not positive, but I think stroke differential is, for lack of a better term, a “dumb stat.” I think it’s just the average amount of strokes a player was off the field’s average for a round. Strokes gained tries to calculate out a similar number but uses Shotlink data to get there more granularly.
  14. I shot a 66 earlier this year at Meadow Brook in Rhode Island. 73.3 course rating from the blues, par 72. I might have played better when I shot a 68 at Highfields Golf and CC in Massachusetts (71.7 course rating from the golds, par 72) a few years ago. I got lucky with a few shots at Meadow Brook but felt like I left a few out there at Highfields.
  15. jamo

    2019 Tour Golf Stats

    It doesn't count because he only played in six PGA Tour events (one of which, the WGC-Match Play, I'm pretty sure doesn't count, though he won) and thus didn't qualify for the official stats leaderboards, but in 2008 Tiger's SG-Total per round was 3.815. That year, in inclusive order, he won the Buick Open at Torrey, won the WGC-Match Play, won at Bay Hill, finished fifth at Doral, won the Tavistock Cup (joking ... though it is true), finished second at the Masters, and then won the U.S. Open. (He also won the Dubai Desert Classic, which also isn't included in the stats since it's a Euro Tour event.) It's even crazier if you go back to 2007, when (again in order and not skipping any), he won the Bridgestone, won the PGA, skipped the first Playoff event, finished T2 at the Deutsche Bank, won the BMW Championship, and then won the Tour Championship. (Then he went 3-2-0 and won the Presidents Cup and won the Target World Challenge.) It's insane how good he was over that stretch, without even factoring in the ongoing knee injuries and Hank Haney's constant popsicle anxiety.
  16. I putt much, much better on fast greens.
  17. jamo

    2019 Presidents Cup

    I think that if it ends in a tie, neither team should get the Cup. Folks, congrats to your 2019 Presidents Cup champs, team Europe!
  18. jamo

    2019 Presidents Cup

  19. jamo

    2019 Presidents Cup

    I swear Tiger has walked in every single putt.
  20. jamo

    2019 Presidents Cup

    It feels like I've watched nothing but commercials and shots that happened "just a moment ago."
  21. I've been to the one in Phoenix. It was fun, but we we on the second or third(?) level, and I couldn't take a single swing without feeling like I was going to fall off, so I was hitting everything off my back foot. My hands also sweat like crazy, so not having a glove was rough. But it was a lot of fun. Would do again.
  22. Tell that to the snow outside my window!
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