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  1. My USGA handicap is 2.9 right now, which is about right. I had a 2-3 week period around late August/early September (none of which are included in the calculation anyway), but otherwise I've been playing at about that level before and after. I've played pretty stinky in some CSGA tournament rounds this year but I had a great year in my men's league.
  2. I've always thought that angle looked cool. It's not the most flattering one, though.
  3. They still play it. Adam Long won the Desert Classic this year at -26. And that was in 4 rounds (it was 5 until 2012). Wikipedia also says it's not nationally televised (I think they mean it's on cable - Golf Channel - vs. a broadcast network). But yeah. One of my least favorite events of the year. In part because of the celebrity aspect, but also because the scoring is ridu... oh look Adam Long made another birdie.
  4. I think it makes sense. Easier courses tend to flatten the field.
  5. League play is 9 holes, and I play a decent amount of 9-hole twilight rounds. When I play with friends we almost always play 18 though.
  6. This is about what I was thinking.
  7. I plan on upgrading to an iPhone 11 Pro from my X. I would like to upgrade from a Series 3 to a 5, but I think I'll hold off until next year.
  8. In high school, Norton (MA) High School was in our league, so we'd play them home and away once a year. Their home course was TPC Boston. My senior year, I was playing in the #2 spot, so most of both teams were still bunched near the tee. I'm teeing off with a hybrid, and chunk-pop it so badly that my ball barely trickles past the tee box, into some thick rough. After everyone else tees off, I do the exact same thing with my second shot, so I'm sitting two a grand total of 10 yards off the tee. I ended up hitting a good third shot into the fairway and a nice SW to 10 feet, and made the bogey putt, so it could have been worse. But that was very embarrassing.
  9. It's basically a big GameBoy that can play the regular Switch games. And for Nintendo, if it doesn't work they can cancel it without many repercussions because it just operates in the Switch ecosystem.
  10. I saw that the Switch Lite has gotten pretty good reviews. It probably won't happen but for my own uses I wish they'd come out with a Switch Heavy that I could just leave plugged into my TV. I don't really have any desire to play on the go.
  11. No, the 2014 one at Valhalla. (Though I did just now watch some highlights from the 2012 PGA at Kiawah.)
  12. I was watching a replay of the 2014 PGA Championship earlier today, and then watched the final round. I think I took him for granted earlier in his career. He's so damn fun to watch when he's on.
  13. Crazy good break there for Rory. Just as Koepka and Xander dropped shots, he almost dunked one.
  14. The obvious answer is McIlroy - he's had a great year and may win the FedExCup. The only thing that gives me slight pause is that Spieth has won the Masters and played well there in losing, and that's the next one coming up.
  15. It's wild to see how far he's fallen just barely more than 2 years after that Open Championship win.
  16. I should note off the top that I've never done this, but I'm curious what people think. In a scramble, would it be in poor taste to use a distance ball - a two-piece, cheap, Surlyn-covered ball - off the tee, and then your normal golf ball to hit approach shots and putts? (I haven't seen a golf ball comparison that included distance balls in a while, but I'm assuming they still go farther than a urethane, tour-style ball.) Scrambles are already in violation of the Rules of Golf, but I would think etiquette still dictates that the Rules should be heeded where possible.
  17. This year I've been playing the Bridgestone Tour B XS. They're among the longest balls on the market, feel nice, and spin pretty good.
  18. @saevel25 bowls, right? Maybe he'll have some input.
  19. I don't think that would improve anything. That would just undermine the whole format.
  20. As I think about it more, the only thing that gives me pause about the new format is that there's going to be a winner, and a lowest aggregate score fake winner. That will be obscured away and probably never mentioned on the telecast, but if it's a big name and they could have won handily, maybe it would be weird? That said, that's basically what has happened most years with the FedExCup winner and the Tour Championship winner, and no one really cared aside from it being somewhat weird.
  21. I'm fine with it as long as they monitor it and potentially adjust it down the line if it's not doing the job.
  22. IMO it felt like watching a movie where the climax was in April and then the movie just ends and everyone loves it and doesn't expect a dozen more movies to come out that year. He's 43 years old. He's had 8 surgeries and injuries all over his body. Even if the spinal fusion did its job 100%, he's going to have aches and pains. But he won the f***ing Masters this year. We all need to stop being disappointed when he doesn't play as consistently as he did in 2000, 2008, or 2013.
  23. I think people would complain about the FedExCup Playoff structure no matter what, which I know because they've used almost every method imaginable and people have complained every time.
  24. I forgot about this thread, so thanks to a couple people for bumping it. (Let's not mention the 90 I shot in a tournament a couple months ago.) I played in the Connecticut Public Links Championship last week at Wintonbury Hills Golf Course north of Hartford. I ended up shooting an 81 to miss the cut, which was bittersweet. On one hand, I hit the ball great, and was -1 through six, so I gave myself a shot. On the other hand, I shot a 75 in a practice round, and I felt like I could do even better than that if I cleaned up a few mistakes. I'll walk through the round; you can click the links above to view my scorecard and the course's scorecard and a few overhead pictures. The cut ended up being 73. I can certainly shoot +3 on any given day, but if I'm brutally honest with myself my game isn't good enough right now to expect to have shot a score like that on an unfamiliar course, at nearly 6700 yards, under pressure. That said, I think I hit it well enough where I could have come close if I cleaned up my putting and didn't make those strategical errors. 1 (337-yard par-4): There are bunkers down the right side, but a bit of room left. My playing partners both laid up, but I went with a driver. (I should note that the course is set up such that there are bunkers on either one or both sides of the fairway at my landing area off the back tees on almost every hole, but my strategy going in was to be aggressive off the tee. I felt that the advantage of having shorter clubs into the tricky greens was great enough that I could accept being in a bunker every now and then, and I was hitting it well enough and long enough with my driver where I felt I could avoid most of them. It's debatable whether that was the right strategy - honestly, I play like that 90% of the time anyway - but through my practice round and tournament round the only time I hit a bunker was one 300+ off the tee that I only reached because it was downwind). I overcooked my drive about 5 yards too far left, and it bounced off the left edge of the fairway and into some rough a couple feet from the hazard. I had a good lie though, and 124 to the pin. Stuck a little flip pitching wedge to about seven feet, but missed the putt just short. I was extremely, unreasonably nervous the entire hole - I stuck my hand out at one to see how unsteady it was and it was frighteningly shaking - so while I was disappointed not to have the birdie I was glad to just move on. E 2 (365-yard par-4): Necked a drive badly out out to the right, but still in the fairway. I had a 9-iron to the green, but caught it a bit fat and it went into the further (from the green) of the two stacked greenside bunkers. Hit what was actually a pretty nice bunker shot to 10 feet considering the situation, and again left the putt just short. +1 3 (163-yard par-3): Had a soft PW from 128 (tees were up) downhill, downwind (though the wind was very mild at this point). Hit it about 10 feet long and five feet left, but it sucked back down off a slope to within a foot. Tapped in for birdie. Would have been a hell of a f***ing time for my first hole in one. E 4 (526-yard par-5): Nice driver down the middle of the fairway. 5 iron also down the middle of the fairway to about 60 yards. (All of the par-5s were within two-shot range, but they also all have pretty tight greenside areas, so I wasn't planning on going for any of them in two.) Caught a little too much on my LW, rolled out to about 15 feet past. Easy two-putt par. E 5 (333-yard par-4): The tees were up (probably to like 320) just enough so that the fairway bunker wasn't in play. I bombed a driver down to about hole high, but my pitch shot wouldn't bite (a common occurrence; the greens are pretty firm and were stimping a 10 early on and an 11 later in the round). Two putts for par from 10 feet. E 6 (430-yard par-4): Another awesome driver, this one into a slight breeze, left me with 135. The pin was perched just on top of a large slope, and both of my playing partners came up short, and the window to get it into the slope without going over the green was maybe like 10 feet, but my 9-iron felt perfect before I even pulled it out of the bag. Stuck it to two feet and tapped in for birdie. -1 7 (255-yard par-5): This is where my round fell apart. The tees were up at around 210, and the hole plays downhill. I haven't been a very good long iron player for the last few years, and though I was hitting them well in my range session before the round, I just didn't feel confident. In my practice round I tried a variety of shots - a soft 2-hybrid cut, a 4 iron right at the flag, 5-iron bailout short and right of the green - and none of them felt great. The shot I should have hit is the 4-iron at the green. If I hook it, it's in the lateral hazard and I drop. The shot I ended up hitting was the 2-hybrid, but I blocked it out to the right into some fescue grass that isn't a hazard. I figured it would be tough to find, so I hit a provisional - the 5-iron short and right, which settled just an inch from the top lip of a bunker, a good 30 yards short and right. When we couldn't find my first ball, I played the provisional, with a nice pitch to about 15 feet. I made the (pretty tricky) putt for double. This was a frustrating, completely unforced error on my part, but I felt at this point that I was hitting it well enough that I could make it up, and, hey, +1 through 7 ain't half bad. +1 8 (564-yard par-4): Solid-but-meh drive to the right side of the fairway, and another solid-but-meh 5-iron that just snuck into the right rough. I had a LW from about 95-yards, but made pretty poor contact, and it settled about a foot off the front. The pin was in front, so I only had 15 feet or so, but I hit just a god-awful putt. I thought it would break two feet right and it broke two feet left and just kept on rolling. I missed the eight-foot comebacker. +2 9 (190-yard par-3): I hit what felt like a nice 6-iron, but it took a wild bounce off the front of the green and into the greenside bunker on the right. After watching one of my playing partners take two out of the sand and then blade a chip, I chunked my sand shot into the rough short of the green. Hit a nice chip to a foot though. Tapped in for bogey. +3 10 (412-yard par-4); With a hazard down the right and the 18th fairway on the left, I used my "no slices" swing and promptly over-drew it into the 18th fairway. I only had 112 into the green, but I chunked a SW, then hit a crappy chip 12 feet past (another one that just kept rolling), then three-putted for a gross double. +5 11 (443-yard par-4): Hit an okay drive just short of the fairway bunkers. I only had 155 in, but I went with a 7-iron because it was pretty solidly uphill. Either there was more wind than I could feel (this is about when it started to get breezy) or I just nuked the thing, because it flew the green by 10 yards. I hit an awesome, awesome pitch shot to a foot. One of these where if I land it seven feet it's no good and if I land it nine feet it's no good, but I landed it just at eight feet and it was great. +5 12 (168-yard par-3): Playing 160 right at the pin, downhill, slightly into the wind. I thought 9-iron here was the play - during my practice round I hit a nice 8-iron into a further-back pin, and the wind wasn't quite blowing as much as it was during the practice round, so I felt like even if I juiced it too much I'd be fine. It flew the green by a foot or two, took a huge bounce off the downslope behind the green, and settled under a small tree, down a hill, a good 20 yards from the flag. I hit actually a really nice worm-burner 7-iron to get it into the green, but hit a terrible, terrible first putt, and couldn't make the second one. Another double. +7 13 (551-yard par-5): Great driver down the left side, and a 5-iron layup to about 70-yards. Awesome LW to 2 feet, tapped in for birdie. +6 14 (455-yard par-4): This was really my only loose driver of the round. The other times I missed the fairway it was either strategic (like on 10, or what you'll hear about on 18), or I only missed but a foot or two. But this was a duck-hook that barely went 200 yards. Thankfully, the rules official they had forecaddying found it right away, and I was able to pitch out to 110 yards. Pretty meh SW to the front of the green with the pin in the back. Another terrible first putt where the pin was on the edge of a slope and it caught the slope and carried it 10 feet away. Missed the comebacker. Another double. +8 15 (427-yard par-4): Hit my best driver of the day to 100 yards, but the rest of the hole followed the previous one. Meh SW to the front of the green with a back pin. Bad first putt, missed the comebacker. +9 16 (408-yard par-4): Another great driver, another meh SW, another mis-judged sloping first putt, another bogey. +10 17 (230-yard par-3): I finally hit the 4-iron that I should have hit on the seventh hole. A nice little baby draw put me on the front of the green with a back pin. Great lag putt to two feet, tapped in for par. +10 18 (414-yard par-4): With OB right at the 10th fairway left, I again drew my tee shot left into the adjacent fairway. The wind had started to pick up at this point, and with 171 to the flag directly into the wind I thought 6-iron was perfect. Again though, I must have nuked it, because it landed over the green and bounced down a hill. Hit a pretty decent pitch shot to eight feet, but I couldn't make the par putt. +11
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    Yeah she knew that going in. I think she also said she had to ask for no mayo(?), but maybe that wasn't necessary.
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