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  1. Whoever named Lake Merced Golf Club was a bit generous with the truth.
  2. I enjoyed Phil the announcer but does it not seem weird from a COVID perspective that they just let him in the booth?
  3. Is Haotong thing hanging around in case of a playoff?
  4. That looked like a pretty brutal mid-read for Tiger at 1.
  5. I was definitely surprised to see him on the range after the round. Expected that would be out of the cards these days.
  6. If you grouped Tiger with two random club pros, you still wouldn’t be able to put together a group using the rest of the field that could equal his group’s majors or PGA Tour wins totals.
  7. That clip pops up on my Instagram from time to time. Automatic watch. Traj porn.
  8. jamo

    My Swing (jamo)

    It's been a while, so I figured I'd post some videos. Handicap is currently 1.3. I'm playing pretty much fine all around but not stellar in any one part of my game. Irons are going pretty straight, driver is solid (got fit for a new one, which added a few yards of distance), short game has been a bit iffy since my local course made the short game area members-only this year, putting has been better this year after switching to a mallet putter (those misses off the toe are finishing much closer to the green). I'm hitting my long irons better than I ever have, but I've been frustratingly mediocre on shots from about 40-95 yards.
  9. jamo

    Dumb Injuries

    I've never broken it, as far as I know, but I've just rolled it a ton. Sprained it pretty bad a few times, and it probably never healed quite right. It's pretty much constantly sore. The worst thing is that left ankle one isn't great either. Last summer I was having pretty bad pain in the right one, so I bought a brace for it, wore that pretty consistently for a few weeks, and then the left one turned into the sore one, so I switched ankles.
  10. The exact location of the sweet spot differs from club to club - the reason you see some irons with tungsten inserts in the toe is to correct for what you're talking about. The chart in the OP is nowhere near granular enough to show the exact location of the sweet spot, though. EDIT: Having now watched the video ... yeah, he doesn't know what the sweet spot is. (The Erik guy, not Miura). If you ever find that club's sweet spot is in the spot where the mark on that iron was when the voiceover was saying that's where the sweet spot is, throw it directly in the trash. That's unplayably close to the hosel. There's nothing mystical about the sweet spot. It's just the CG. if you have a wedge or an iron handy, juggle a golf ball on it - the spot, roughly in the middle, that feels the softest and doesn't make the club want to twist in your hands in the sweet spot. That's all there is to it.
  11. jamo

    Dumb Injuries

    I've been mostly lucky with injuries, but for whatever reason I've been pretty banged up the last year or two. I've had recurring shin splints and plantar fasciitis for a few years, though rarely at the same time and at the moment they both actually feel okay. Last October I did some sort of damage to my right shoulder while lifting. It was pretty sore for months - even sleeping on my right side was uncomfortable - but now I only ever really feel it when stretching pre-round. I'm also pretty sure I dislocated the last knuckle on my left pinkie last November playing basketball - the constant pain went away a while ago, but it's still visibly dislocated and I can't put much force on it without it hurting. My right ankle is also just permanently ruined. Everything else is great though!
  12. Had a similar thought when I saw a few recent Swing Visions going around.
  13. Never knew that’s what they did!
  14. jamo

    Food Thread

    I did something like that a few weeks ago. Do you think the Slow n Sear gives a big advantage over just stacking the coals on one side of the grill manually?
  15. Tough to defend him at the moment, but I'm not sure I agree with the bolded portion. The nowhere-near-parallel swing he actually brings to the course would indicate that he hasn't been chasing ball speed. If you want to make the argument that he should be spending more time practicing putting, sure, I guess, but we don't exactly know the guy's practice schedule.
  16. All the courses I’ve played have just been following state guidelines. When CT was requiring single riders, they charged normal price. Now that the state is allowing multiple people per cart, they’d charge you extra for your own cart (or simply not allow it). It would be nice of them to not upcharge you for it, but then, that’s true regardless of whether or not there’s a pandemic. Really, I just don’t ride in a cart enough to care much.
  17. This is pretty much where I stand too. I don’t play in jeans, because I don’t like my jeans to get sweaty (and I don’t play in something like basketball shorts or sweatpants because the stuff in my pockets would move all around), but it would be nice to be able to wear a plain t-shirt. The dress code adds an extra barrier, and I don’t think it does much to help golf’s image either. (I probably have posts from 2 and 4 years ago saying the same thing, but consider this my biannual update.)
  18. If I had to guess, I'd say that my numbers aren't quite that extreme (I don't often make 5+ birdies in a round, certainly not enough to establish a trend), but I probably have the same trend. When I shoot around or under par, it's usually just because I made a huge amount of pars and peppered in a birdie or two. (As I'm typing this, I'm realizing my numbers are probably just a few strokes higher across the board, rather than less extreme.)
  19. I thought this was an enjoyable watch too:
  20. We really shouldn't be talking about the 10 he made. It could be bad for someone's brand.
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