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  1. tees in the 6000-6300 yard range and a slope between 115-125, almost always the whites I'll play that range no matter what others in the group are playing.
  2. I enjoy playing as a single. If the course is empty I just speed on through and get the 18 in. Other days I join up with other people and have a pleasant time playing golf. I've played three 18 hole rounds and six 9 hole rounds since the course opened this year and I've played as a single every time. Once I decide to play when it's warmer than 60 and less than a 25 mph wind, I may have to play with another person.
  3. Praciticing the full swing has bored me to death since I was a child. I hit three buckets on the range in March and, if I don't take an extended break from playing during the season, that will be the last time I hit the driving range this year. I like practicing the short game though. I drop a ball near the practice green, pick a club to chip, then hopefully grab the putter and try to complete the up and down. Toss the ball somewhere else interesting and repeat.
  4. I take off work Wednesday-Monday (just in case) every year to watch the Masters. I've seen every third and fourth round on CBS since 1977.
  5. top 3 I'm rooting for in order 1. Tom Watson 2. Tiger Woods 3. Phil Mickelson
  6. 15 yards: if it's a simple chip I expect inside 3 feet, if it's a lob up to a small plateau I expect I need to find somewhere else to play 60 yards: down in 3, I've probably got a better chance running up a pw than lofting a sw if the path is clear 100 yards: it means I'm hitting a sw into the green so I expect I'll be slamming the sw into the turf
  7. I'm left handed and I'm also part of the problem. I took up the game of golf at age 7 playing right handed and never even saw a left handed club until I was 12. I think there are a lot of natural left handers that play right handed and that cuts the demand for left handed clubs even further.
  8. #18 a par 4 of 385 yards from the white tee. It's a shorter version of 18 at Augusta with a much bigger green. I have never hit this green in two nor have I made a birdie. My stroke average on it last year was 5.57.
  9. I once played through the Road Runner. BEEP! BEEP!
  10. Jack Nicklaus was second in a major 19 times and 46 times in the top 3, so he left a little chicken on the bone too. Sam Snead Lloyd Mangrum Arnold Palmer Billy Casper Johnny Miller Tom Weiskopf Tom Kite Greg Norman Fred Couples Davis Love III Colin Montgomerie I'll forgive Phil if he can grab a few more, but I have a bad feeling he retires with 3 pro majors. I can forgive Byron Nelson for retiring early and Young Tom Morris for dying at age 24.
  11. He'll be my favorite golfer in the field under the age of sixty. The interview in Butler Cabin would be interesting too.
  12. So here's the conference breakdown after this wonderful opening two rounds WCC: 1 Pac 10: 1 Atlantic 10: 1 ACC: 1 Horizon: 1 MVC: 1 Ivy: 1 SEC: 2 Big 12: 2 Big East: 2 Big 10: 3 I can't ever recall 11 different conferences represented in the last 16.
  13. Saturn something, it is a small sedan with four doors and is beige.
  14. Nestea instant iced tea with an illegal amount of sugar.
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