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  1. StefanUrkel's Random Musings

    Golf advertisements are so cringy. The new PXG commercial is insulting. It is going to add 15 yards to my drives? Going to sue them for false advertising.
  2. 2 extremely rare clubs and a great 3 iron. Shipping is free. Give me the offers for anyone or multiple 1. (8.75/10) RIghty Mizuno MP-H5 1 IRON. Stock everything. Has a graphite stiff aldila rip 80 shaft. 16 degrees. 2. (8.5/10) Righty Taylormade tour PSI tour 2 iron. Stock everything. KBS tour 130 X shaft. I believe this is 17 loft. 3. (8.5/10) RIghty Srixon 745 3 iron. Stock everything. 20 Loft, dynamic gold tour issue x100 shaft. ]
  3. How is this guy leading the HSBC so large?

    I didn't check the leaderboard. I turned it off when he was leading Thursday. And of course I'm jealous of every pro golfer. We all would trade positions. No, I'm not trolling. I just really want to know. Yes, it is bad for the tour. Heck, half the top 30 in this tournament looked fat. You ever check the ratings and the popularity of golf lately?
  4. You probably hit 500 balls a day and walk miles. Does he go to a buffet every meal? Bad representative for tour
  5. Flying elbow

    Check your right hand grip. Also make sure you are completing your turn
  6. Do the hips move at all? If you concentrate on keeping everything, you feel tension buildup in hips as u take the putter back
  7. Anyone have one? Can't imagine who would buy one
  8. Who are the people that buy these 5000 dollar clubs?
  9. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Thomas is setting the sport back 30 years with his wins. Needs to become ripped
  10. Which clubs to choose?

    If you can play to a 10 handicap with blades, then you could be close to a scratch with game improvement rockets.
  11. Who are the people that are buying these clubs? Do the clubs make you hit it 50 yards farther?
  12. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Of course statistics said he would. Statistics also said Ben Curtis and Michael Campbell wouldn't win a major. I would bet anything that the top 100 great players of all time win majors as a close percentage to their overall win percentage. No special sauce.
  13. StefanUrkel's Random Musings

    Majority of Pga pros are nice to fans. I don't mind if pros ignore kids or say "I don't have time right now". They are basically at work and should be concentrating hard. However, the only time I have seen someone act like a huge jerk was Lee Trevino like 10 years ago. Swearing ad being mean to an old guy? WHat is that guys deal?
  14. Graphite similar to aerotech?

    Do you have any irons with aerotechs for sale? I'm guessing you are in Orlando too?

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