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  1. Fact: You support millions of people you disagree with daily. The company that made your computer, hot dog, ice cream is probably libertarian, or a communist, or racist, etc.
  2. StefanUrkel

    Predict Tiger's 2019 Season

    I said Tiger would win more than Rahm the next 10 years, and I was laughed at. The only guy I would buy stock in over Tiger for the next 10 years beat him today.
  3. StefanUrkel

    StefanUrkel's Random Musings

    Probably some random on a mini tour or a putt putt champion.
  4. Ordered a combo graphite new set of Cobras from an auction on ebay off a reputable seller. I already sold and shipped the irons and was planning on keeping the hybrids. It has been safely in a box. The plastic is still covering the hybrid but when I turn the club upside down a piece is loose inside the shaft. Is there zero chance it came like this? Can I send to Cobra? Out of luck?
  5. StefanUrkel

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    They should be asses to anyone over the age of 18 that wants an autograph. (unless it is for a kid) THey have one job, and that is to play golf.
  6. StefanUrkel

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Every topic about him has been about not letting his children meet their grandparents. What could they have possibly done to deserve this?
  7. StefanUrkel

    Anyone ever just have 1 lesson?

    What former pros teach?
  8. I saw some new ping eye 2s today. Anyone beat that?
  9. StefanUrkel

    Anyone ever just have 1 lesson?

    Like a 30 minute lesson? I haven't had a lesson in like 20 years. How do I know the guy is attacking my problems instead of trying to get consumer loyalty and long-term lessons?
  10. StefanUrkel

    Rip Off Prices at a Golf Expo??

    There is no such thing as ripoff prices. You aren't forced to buy
  11. StefanUrkel

    Would You Change the Golf Channel?

    Not to be mean, but has anyone seen the new tall "lady" golf host? Is that a transvestite or former man? Serious
  12. Someone awared him. I like looking how people price their items. I always want to contact them. Some guy listed his Burner Bubble irons for like 900.
  13. StefanUrkel

    Will this dent affect my performance?

    Go to the thrift shop or the golf range(lost and found). I respect the cheap clubs though
  14. StefanUrkel

    2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational

    Wow. The greatest putting display in PGA Tour history
  15. StefanUrkel

    2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational

    Thinks getting ripped is bad for golfers.

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