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  1. Yeah, but those aren't the tour ones. How is there no info about these anywhere?
  2. I can't find any info on these and not 1 has been sold on ebay.
  3. Silly point. Best=Relatively speaking. A bench warmer would beat 1989 Michael Jordan in a game of 1 on 1 pretty easily. Are they better?
  4. I just thought there was a usual reason why I can average 200 yards with a bladed 7 iron and hit like a 20 handicap with the driver.
  5. Went to PGA tour stores, and I hit 10 balls apiece with a 7 iron(35 degree Jpx 900 tour), 5 wood(18 degree steelhead) and a 9.5 degree rogue driver. These were my averages. Sad thing is, I felt that I was crushing my driver, and the ball was barely going 240 on the course. I have a bad swing, but I'm pretty ripped.
  6. A seller has to take returns on ebay. Plus, saying you will take returns will make people feel more "confident". Aren't 620cbs going for 1000+?
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/163998493733?ul_noapp=true
  8. Troll? Is that what we call excellent posters? Don't be mad because Tiger>Rahm for next 10 years
  9. Hmm. Don't go hiding when I'm right! cha ching
  10. I had my first return on ebay. I measured the blue irons, and they were all .75 longer than the standard listed on the ping website. The guy called ping, and they said they were standard, and he could tell they were standard. None of the ping g sets I have seen have had the set numbers, so I was wondering if there was any significance of that. thanks
  11. I found Ping G irons. They are blue dot. I called ping, and they say they are standard length. However, I measured, and they are .75 longer than what is standard on their website for black dot. Does that mean the person extended them? Or, do blue dots have longer standard length. Also, the set says Set #45 . Does that just mean the 45th set made? How do you know how many there are? Thanks
  12. Live in Michigan. I have never been charged taxes using ebay 3balls, global golf, callawaypreowned, etc. Just started today. Is it a national thing? Whats up?
  13. I just put 1000 on America to come back. 14-14 will be the final score.
  14. Most people don't lie. They are just ignorant. Not just men and golf. Most men and women think they are good looking, smart, special, in shape, etc. Fact- 50 percent of men and women are below average in looks.
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