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  1. Playing this and eagle eye for my bday in a month. Going to try from the tips. Probably be happy with low 80s
  2. That pretty much is true. A guy making 30 million dollars a year in the prime of his career in Chicago. Retiring to become a minimum wage worker traveling in buses in Alabama. Cmon. That may be true. However, the World Trade Center was brought down by airplanes.
  3. Nice screen name. I don't believe that clubs matter that much. Especially for an 18 handicap. Unless you are rich, I wouldn't drop a grand on something you could get for 150 dollars that is just as good. Go to a golf store and do a double blind test with 3 or 4 sets of irons from the last 10 years. See if there is a difference.
  4. With every industry, there is a market correction at some point. I assume from 2010ish to 20XX will be the market correction on golf courses, equipment, tv contracts from the Tiger boom.
  5. To be the best, you have to beat the best!
  6. I don't understand them taking away the rewards program from 3-4 years ago with the Cleveland/Srixon rewards. Cleveland/Srixon has to benefit everytime someone goes to their website and buys new stuff. Even at 10 percent off or whatever the perks were.
  7. Any particular ones you believe in? JFK? False flags? Moon landings? No politics please.
  8. Wasn't there a story of a guy making like 3 holes in one in a round? Or like 2 double eagles? Must be a squirrel having some fun with them
  9. Hi. I have close to a full set available. Will upload more pics if needed. Everything is righty, normal lie, and stock length. I will pay for shipping. Want to send at least the irons and a wedge. Prices will be close to PGA resale value. Asking the low price for the irons(375 or best offer), and the mid for the rest(70 for each sm6, 50 for the cleveland, and 50 for the putter) 1. JPX 850 forged 4 to pitching wedge (7 clubs). Shafts-Extra stiff KBS tour 130. Grips- Lampkin. Good shape with some wear. 4,5,6,P are in good shape. 7,8,9 have some brown in them, but are very playable. Have been played since mid 2015. 2. SM6F grind-48.5-12 bounce, SM6Sgrind-54-10 bounce. (2 clubs) Great shape(8.5-9/10). Shafts-Vokey wedge flex. Stock grips. The 48.5 has been bent from 50. The 54 has a small chip in the corner that doesn't affect anything 3. Cleveland RTX-588 Rotex 2.0 satin- 60-3 dots. True temper dynamic gold wedge flex. Cleveland grip. Awesome shape. 4. Odyssey Versa 9-black. Good shape. 34.5 length. 5. I also have sm5 wedges, two good hybrids if anyone is interested. ask away
  10. I would wager that no REAL 20+ handicapper could break 120 if they had to put everything in. Considering the fact that 99.9 percent overestimate their handicap and driving distance.
  11. The rewards now are worthless. Get 10 dollars off for a round a week away! It is golfNOW not golfLATER.
  12. You have to use them for tee times at least 3 days in the future, and the prices are much higher. So, the reward basically brings it down to tomorrow's price. The rewards in 2015 were awesome. Good business practices would be against worthless rewards
  13. Reminds me of the Chris Rock saying. You supposed to take care of your kids.
  14. Word on the street is it is Billy Mayfair
  15. Better Call Saul Curb your enthusiasm Don't have a tv. It is rotten