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  1. Has anyone been to pinehurst lately . I know the greens will be firm and fast. That's what we mostly play in Vegas. My question is will they hold any approach shots and when chipping my on hits lower trajectory wedges that check up and release to hole . We've been very creative at practice greens this week with playing all types different shots . Thanks for input
  2. Going to pinehurst no 8 for my 13 year olds uskids teen world championship. Any tips recommendations or advice would be much appreciated .
  3. I understand what u have worked and a lot other people. The point is caddie is parent these tourneys have caddies . We play a ton of tourneys without caddie but theses specific have caddie and also have root relief .
  4. Ok thx for input . Most junior tourneys we play in don't allow parents . The tournament in referring to allows caddies and most spectators walk but one guy always ends up in cart even when we're told none available .
  5. Funny reading later been away. Stuck with callaway Xhot replaced shaft men's regular trimmed it and after 6 months in cross fit he is pumping it 250 all day. 13 yrs old might be 90 lbs soaking wet. Lol he will carry it 250
  6. Chipping from tight lies is a area looking to improve on. Any suggestions? Club loft bounce and any techniques. Currently I chip with 60 degrees and love it. Around the tight lies not so much. I have high bounce a know that's part of problem.
  7. Ya I know what u mean . My son knows he has witnessed it. The only reason I know is other parents warned me about it and happen to have to score for him that tourney lol so I witness it. I'm not gonna say anything don't need any distractions . It's very competive golf these boys shooting par out there at 13 and other kids cheating and who knows how many strokes they lie on . What about taking relief like I said from a area wherecoursengives relief . ?
  8. Hello I have few questions? During tournament play with 13 year olds there is a dad who races cart to kids ball that looks fishy as hell very questionable. I'd hate to accuse but looks bad. Also if you get relief from roots of tree should player just approach his ball make free relief drop and play it? Without telling anyone? Or should they let someone know so they are sure what the players doing? Ready to make a scene over couple issues. My son counts every stroke no matter what and seeing disrespectful and dishonest play has really got me going.
  9. That sounds great . Loft seems high he hits 10.5 Callaway xhot but has closed at 9.5. He still gets the ball really high so looking for 9.5 or 10.5 loft at most hopefully can adjust to 8.5 or 9.5 . I'll check Callaway preowned . I stay away from eBay one time bought knock off taylormade not knowing and found out year later it was a fake
  10. I tried custom fitting the other day at golf Galaxy and the guy telling me that club length don't matter it's all about can he control club. I told him looks like he can't control because it's too long he needs to choke down . He wasn't willing to cut club down. Maybe need to go to golfsmith
  11. [=3][/]with 80 mph swing speed what kind of shaft and driver should I be upgrading too. Have callaway chit with senior shaft flex a tour tech 55w. He seems to be out growing not sure what to try. Lady's flex hits well but would need to take inch or less off but I'm worried that will stiffen up. Also have dri tac Winn grips . Really soft and he likes them a lot . Any reviews on them for juniors
  12. Sounds good I will look into both those shafts. Where I was having trouble is trying to figure out if he needs light reg men's flex or just regular or should I be going with senior Felix or ladies. Seems like big difference in weight between 55g and 42. What's the general rule of thumb on weight? Do anyone have book out there with correct weight. I'd like to build club from scratch for him but wanna make sure it all checks out with proper shaft and weight
  13. Playing new Cleveland 56 and 60 and absolutely love them using same way u described. Cleveland rtx 588 with bounce of 10 on 60
  14. What's best shaft for callaway x hot 2 for 12 year old junior golfer . Swing speed is 80. Currently hits callaway x hit with senior light shaft. Any info I would really appreciate . He hits around 200 to 220. He has closed so it's 8.5 on loft. Hits a small fade sometimes but nothing out of control . What would be next step for next set up for him?
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