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  1. hello all, I am looking for a Titleist 904f 19* Fairway wood. Ideally, I am looking for only the head, or one shafted with a Dynamic Gold X100. Otherwise, I am willing to consider others. used condition is fine, but please nothing with damage to the crown. Thanks in advance! -Lov
  2. Just played Pebble on Xmas eve this year on the NCGA Winter golf special - $395 + 50 gift card to the U.S. Open Shop. Check out my review and selected pictures here: http://thepowerfade.wordpress.com/2010/12/25/crossing-one-off-the-bucket-list-pebble-beach-golf-links/ Please feel free to comment and bookmark! We also have a good thread on club painting!
  3. I guess I should be more specific as well. Do you prefer to read articles that have tips, equipment reviews, course reviews, stories about the Tour, etc? If you have one that you like in particular, what makes it great for you? keeping it short? having lots of detail? Pictures? Opinions? humor?
  4. What's your personal opinion on good golf writing? I've been interested in seeing what the obsessed golfer likes to read for a while now. please be specific! :D
  5. Hi, I've been kind of wondering which set of tees are the "appropriate" ones to play from. If I'm playing a new course, I'll look at the par three distances and gauge which ones just seem absurd and which ones seem realistic. Is there a better way to make this decision? I'm about an 11 handicap and hit my 7 iron 160 and carry a driver about 265-275.
  6. I couldnt tell if Ray was playing a two-ball best ball in the last episode, or if he was playing a 1 man two-ball scramble. Anyone know?
  7. to those of you who shoot in the 70's and better, do you ever take full swings with your most lofted wedge? I currently have a 52, 56, and 60, but I'm considering dropping the 60 and 56 and replacing them with a 58. I never take a full swing with the 60, and often have trouble trying to decide which one of them I should be hitting around the green b/c I feel like I get similar results with both of them. Also, as of late, I've been somewhat inconsistent out of the sand and I think it maybe due to the high bounce on my 56 or the low bounce on my 60. Would any of you recommend this switch? I'm not really looking to add another club with the switch, I just think it may improve my consistency around the green, and I might be able to take full swings with the 58 as well. I might consider throwing a 2 hybrid in the bag, or adding a 5w... Any help would be appreciated!
  8. I have a pair of Tour 360 3.0's that need new cleats. Anyone know what kind I need to replace them? Thanks in advance!
  9. Y.E. used to be professional bodybuilder. The guy's in shape.
  10. let's forget majors for a second, how about just so you can carry your own bag for 18 holes? So you can walk 18 without getting winded? There are 1000's of reasons to get in the gym and work on your fitness that don't involve hitting the ball 300 yards. even if you don't bench your body weight, you can still benefit from core exercises and basic arm and shoulder exercises by having increased muscle control. These will help you hit that 250 yard driver straight 8-9 out of 10 times instead of 3-4. Also, you get the benefit of living longer, feeling better, and being able to play more holes on any given day. Without a doubt, anyone that works out will improve their golf game. You'll notice, Cabrera rarely contends despite winning two majors. I'd argue he would contend far more often with his amazing ball striking if he hit the gym once in a while. Also, he might actually be able to use a normal length putter if he lost a bit of the gut... that being said, I love El Pato! He gives me hope for the sad day I'm overweight and attempting to play.
  11. Hey all, I just got a chance to play all three (Bali Hai, Royal Links, and Desert Pines) over Xmas. Bali was in the best condition of the three, but definitely feels a little cookie cutter (especially for the price). I was a huge fan of Royal links b/c it was in really good condition (except the greens, grr...) and will probably go back there before I go to the other two again. Desert Pines was fun, but like others have said, it is a bit out of place. While it's true Royal Links could probably never capture the true essence of the holes it seeks to copy, it is still a really fun track. Also, they're short on customers at the moment. I think i only saw one or two other groups out there ALL day, and the nice guy at the desk informed me that they were closed the following two days because no one had booked a tee time. I'd definitely recommend this course for a good time. Also, they're range is beautiful. Little pyramids of practice balls with Sinatra singing the background. Who could ask for anything more?
  12. Scratch Golf. SB-1 Blades, Custom made Wedges, and their hybrids look pretty sweet too. I could still get my Cleveland or Titleist driver, Cameron putter, and Bridgestone ball :)
  13. I had this same problem for a while, but one thing that helped in the interim, rather than changing 3 woods, was to simply hit my 3 wood as though it were my hybrid. Choke down on it about an inch and put it in the middle (maybe slightly forward) and take a normal hybrid swing. This will obviously decrease the distance you're getting for a little while, but it will build your confidence in your ability to hit the club. Hope that helps!
  14. Anyone a member? How well are the tournaments run? Feedback? Is it worth it for someone in Northern CA? Thanks in advance!
  15. The idea is to keep a flat leading wrist throughout the swing and to have the back of your leading wrist point at the target at impact . Try this to get an idea of what Hank's talking about : Take a wedge (easiest to visualize the purpose) and take a neutral grip. Now, set up to a ball and create the feeling of impact (i.e. set your body as though you are about to strike the ball) while actually setting up to a ball. If you have a truly neutral grip, the back of your right wrist is facing down the target line and the club face is square. Now, rotate the clubface slightly open in this same position - your wrist should be pointing slightly to the left of your target (for a lefty). For good measure, close the club face and your wrist should be pointing right of the target line. The idea is that the back of your leading wrist is pointing in the same direction as the club face, so maintaining a square leading wrist will prevent you from having an open or closed club face at impact. Hope that makes sense!
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