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  1. I realized this as I read more stuff this morning. I'll be returning the dremel if I can find the gift receipt for it and try to find a relatively affordable bench grinder. Turns out out I can find blanks online to which is cool. Gonna try my hand at it, the concept itself seems very easy, but I'm sure actually doing it will be somewhat tough. I'll update once I get wedge to Grind.
  2. So i played with a guy the other day and we went out and bought some cheap wedges and grinding down everything so it was completely bare and I loved how blank it was. A perfect canvas to put whatever stamping I wanted on a club. I don't have many tools at home but I was gifted a dremel4000 set that I've actually never used and I wanted to try my hand at it. I know it will strip weight from the club, and that's ok because I'll add tape as I need to when I'm finished. I just want a completely blank clubhead. Ive searched different forums and read the instructions for th
  3. 85 :( I played this course before (river pointe country club) when it was wet and didn't think much of the undulations in the green because they were so slow. Layout was beautiful on 2/3 of the 27 holes with 2 par 3s that remind me a lot of 12 at Augusta to a small extent. Anyways, I played their again yesterday and these greens were fast and very punishing and really made me realize I'm not as good as I was. These greens were very similar (I assume) to what I watch on tv and I loved it. I had 34 putts which was terrible but I just had a hard time trusting a shorter stroke. I am mo
  4. Shot 75 today. 39 on the front (+3) and 36 on the back (0) struck my irons very well but had horrid lines. Driving was pretty nice. Chipping and pitching left a lot to be desired but I putt really well. Also had had my first eagle ever which was awesome. About a 14 footer breaking from right to left. Thought i I was going to shoot mid 80s after I started bogey, bogey, bogey on the back but battled back with eagle par birdie on the last three holes to bring it to even for the 9. I'm really happy with how I'm putting. I need to keep that
  5. Played this tough par 3 track today. Shot 3 over (30) I only hit two greens in reg (lipped both of those birdie putts out) but I putted lights out and dropped a few 8 footers to save par. 13 putts. Pretty happy.
  6. The swing caddie is only like 350 bucks which isn't bad and from reviews I've read is pretty accurate so I'd be happy w that. I'd just hate to have a certain swing practiced for a 75 yard shot and the execute it in the course and have it fall 10 yards short
  7. Apologize in advance if this was something that was easy to find. I didn't find an answer with a google search that satisfied me. Im really like the way my game is coming a long and I'd like to get an inexpensive launch monitor (swing caddie sc300) but all the courses I would practice or play at have either older balls and range balls for the driving range. I assume I'd likely see a difference in driver distance but I don't know how much and I'm not sure what I'd expect out of the numbers with my irons with range balls vs my game balls. I'm mostly interested in my distances
  8. 39 on the front 34 on the back for a 73. 1 over par. Best round of golf I have ever played. Had 26 putts which was really nice especially after switching putters. drained a 12 footer for par on 17 and knew that 18 was a par 5 and I definitely had a good shot at making birdie. Pushed my drive right, hit a horrible lay up and a mediocre shot into the green and ended up two putting for par so that was a bit disappointing really looking forward ward to the rest of the year
  9. First time out this year and I shot 79 (8 over) didn't have driver in the bag as I'm still waiting for he epic to arrive so it was 3 wood only and man was I crushing it and it felt great. Didnt putt well (32 putts) but struck the ball pretty well. Putting and pitching need work but I couldn't expect anymore from the first day on the course this year.
  10. I play a 915 d2. I was fitted for it and I'm not extremely accurate with it but the results are consistent with shot dispersment so I have it in my bag. Generally I hit around 260 carry which I'm pleased with. Most other drivers I tried on launch monitors were a tad shorter and none really longer except one. The Callaway xr16. For some reason my misfits were just as far as my current titleist model but my bombs far surpassed anything I could do w the titleist. No idea why there is such a huge difference (about 30 yards) just curious what club you guys play or have it that just perf
  11. Little pitching wedge from about 130 out. Hit below the pin bounce a foot pass and stopped on a time. Easy tap in. That's probably my favorite and most memorable shot.
  12. Agree w other posters. I hope the ball doesn't change too much. Loved the '16 version and my 130 and in game changed so much and I hit a lot more quality shots when I switched to the chrome soft.
  13. I now game the 2016 Newport. But in the last I've games a Newport 2 without an insert, a studio design, and a circa 62 and the 2016 Newport is my favorite. Feels muted which I like and the sound I enjoy more than non inserts I've used. For me, I recommend the 2016 but that is simply my preference for feel in a putter.
  14. TWs iron play is lookin real nice. Great 7 iron
  15. Heck of a putt to save par and a nice little fist pump for tw
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