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  1. Yeah, I remember the flag stick one.....but I didn't see it happen in person. The turtle was a complete surprise.
  2. For what it's worth, I have a 3 hybrid that I can hit about 230 off the tee and its perfect for finding tight fairways and on holes where there is something that forces hitting less than driver. I like the hybrid aspect more than the fairway wood because you can hit them out of the rough better and for me its a more consistent swing.
  3. Hellstorm


  4. As crazy as that sounds, I have seen the opposite. I was playing with somebody who hit a nice shot to the green only to have it hit a turtle and ricochet 25 yards sideways. Worst luck I have ever seen.
  5. I've told this story many times but never here. I was golfing with a friend on a course we play quite regularly. I happened to hit my ball way right of the green and I knew it was between the cart path and the woods, which is roughly a 30 yard gap. i left the cart path and ventured through the rough to find the ball and I was looking down in the grass trying to spot the ball. Well, apparently there used to be some bunkers or something over there that I didn't know about and they were more just holes in the ground at this point. So, i'm looking and not watching where I was going and I drov
  6. I was going to say that too.....he is for sure OCD. Good call
  7. You guys will make a thread about anything.
  8. I have played the Chrome Soft from Callaway and I was very impressed with it. It is much softer than I am used to playing a ProV1x but the distance is fantastic and the feel around the greens is great.....plus its a few bucks cheaper than other tour balls.
  9. The Snell balls are solid, although I can only admit to playing a sleeve of the tour balls. I just skip all the hassle of picking the better cheap ball and buy tour balls off the lost ball sites for the same price as the new lesser quality balls.
  10. I would argue that in golf, it has more to do with focus and execution than it does with luck. Let's face it, we have all had days where we are more focused and play better golf than other days. I think that hyper focused play builds confidence and increases execution in the golf swing. Making one putt builds confidence in the stroke and it builds from there. Same thing with basketball and other sports...you make a few baskets and the confidence grows and makes the rim look bigger. I also think there is luck involved with golf as well, but not as it relates to putting. We have all
  11. I was all excited when I saw the TST outing but I can't do anything on Saturday mornings because of coaching soccer. I would have been there for the TST thing no questions asked. That deal at Olde Stonewall is every Sunday though during NFL games until their offseason rates start on Oct. 8th. Good luck at the TST outing, looks like it will be a great time.
  12. Trying to get a little group together to play Olde Stonewall in Elwood City PA on Sept.20th in the afternoon. The green fee is $75 and is worth every penny of it. If we have enough people we will have a little skins game too. If you are in Eastern Ohio or Western PA this is a must play course. Let me know if you are interested in playing.
  13. I keep notes too about different stuff. It always helps to go back and see the notes when you are struggling with a special shot or shot shape.
  14. Personally, I do everything I can to make the range shots more difficult. I play little games and work slowly taking time between each shot. I think it helps take the range game to the course more consistently.
  15. That's pretty accurate. I do find myself struggling with swing thoughts, especially when my confidence is lacking. I think the whole alignment thing is valid as well. I just dont feel all that comfortable over the ball. I am going to focus on this and focus on my takeaway because I think that's where things are going bad.
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