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  1. Another +1 for aimpoint. I cannot see slopes on greens to save my life. I took an aimpoint lesson a few months ago and it has revolutionised my putting. I could not recommend it highly enough.
  2. Hi, I know its late in the season, but I just signed up to the PGA TOur Fantasy Golf. I joint the Sand Trap league as "Hackers from Hades."
  3. Addionally they can only get a maximum of 1 shot back per year,
  4. High hadicap golfers tend to be more inconsistent in their scoring, its not at all unusual to see a 34 handicapper, particularly someone who is not playing long, but has a natural ability, to score 44 points. What you are describing happens on a regular basis. A friend of mine who was a 20 handicap golfer, started to play well and had a few rounds in the 40 to 42 points range, this combined with the "exceptional play" rule - he got docked an additional 2 shots by the handicapper. He was down to 14. He could not play off it. it spoiled his enjoyment of the game for 2 years. He is now back up to 17 and is playing much closer to that. There is no perfect system. But as per your first post there are, unfortunately, golfers out there who 'hang on' to their handicap by playing in as few competitions as possible. They then perform fantastically well in the big competitons. Its very difficult to legislate for all scenarios.
  5. smdillon


  6. Phil Mickleson is right handed. If you ever played tennis right handed, it would be the equivalent of two handed backhand. If you aren't playing long I think it would take a good year with instruction to change over. But Why? You are not Padraig Harrington by any chance?
  7. I am having a similar experience with my short game. Last Friday I had an absolute howler with my short game. in a 12 hole competition. I duffed/ skulled at least 10 chips & short pitches. I was really annoyed and considering giving up. I played sunday and I had an 87 (v good for me). That included 5 duffed chips and a sh**k. I took some short game lessons a year ago with a local pro, and he definitely helped, but of course since then I have been back on the internet looking at various chipping pitching instructional videos, have a mishmash of different setups, and I am now worse than ever. I made up my mind on Sunday that what I am going to do is go back to what the pro taught me last year (I have some videos) and work on it and nothing else. I am staying away from any web instructional videos, and intend to groove the process and swing that he showed me. I am going to give it to the end of the summer and see where it takes me My advice would be find a process and style that works for you practice it and stick with it. An old teacher years ago used to say to us "repetition penetrates the dullest of minds" I think that doubly applies in golf
  8. Hi I am Sean from Kildare in Ireland. I play at the Royal Curragh Golf club in Kildare. I play off 17. I am a reasonable driver, ok iron player, good putter and appalingly bad around the greens. I am looking forward to reading the views of the many other golfers on these forums, and hopefully adding a few of my insights
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