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  1. smdillon

    Turning ambidextrous?

    Phil Mickleson is right handed. If you ever played tennis right handed, it would be the equivalent of two handed backhand. If you aren't playing long I think it would take a good year with instruction to change over. But Why? You are not Padraig Harrington by any chance?
  2. smdillon

    Close to giving up the game!

    I am having a similar experience with my short game. Last Friday I had an absolute howler with my short game. in a 12 hole competition. I duffed/ skulled at least 10 chips & short pitches. I was really annoyed and considering giving up. I played sunday and I had an 87 (v good for me). That included 5 duffed chips and a sh**k. I took some short game lessons a year ago with a local pro, and he definitely helped, but of course since then I have been back on the internet looking at various chipping pitching instructional videos, have a mishmash of different setups, and I am now worse than ever. I made up my mind on Sunday that what I am going to do is go back to what the pro taught me last year (I have some videos) and work on it and nothing else. I am staying away from any web instructional videos, and intend to groove the process and swing that he showed me. I am going to give it to the end of the summer and see where it takes me My advice would be find a process and style that works for you practice it and stick with it. An old teacher years ago used to say to us "repetition penetrates the dullest of minds" I think that doubly applies in golf
  3. Hi I am Sean from Kildare in Ireland. I play at the Royal Curragh Golf club in Kildare. I play off 17. I am a reasonable driver, ok iron player, good putter and appalingly bad around the greens. I am looking forward to reading the views of the many other golfers on these forums, and hopefully adding a few of my insights

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