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  1. Patrick Reed -12 Jordan Speith -11 Matt Jones -10
  2. Powertop

    Brian Davis

    If the reed had been still growing in the ground, rather than dead and loose, would it still have been a penalty?
  3. The other day i was in a greenside bunker and one of my partners was in the fairway. I walked into the bunker to wait for him to hit. As i was waiting, i took out a tee to clean my grooves. When my partner hit, i looked up and accidentally dropped my tee into the bunker. I presumed to pick it up but had no clue if it was a breach of the rules. I know if your club touches the sand its a penalty, but my question is, is a dropping a tee considered testing the conditions?
  4. I meant to ask about drops and redropping in general but good catch
  5. Rule 20-2c:(vi) A dropped ball must be re-dropped, without penalty, if it: rolls and comes to rest more than two club-lengths from where it first struck a part of the course Is it saying the point where you take two club lengths from or where the ball hits after you drop it?
  6. This situation has come up a couple times in the past month in tournaments and I've interpreted the rules differently than how it was played. A B C D E Say letter A is where the ball last crossed the hazard. Between each letter is one club length, so letter C would be 2 club lengths away from the hazard. If you drop the ball between B and C and it rolls just outside C, between C and D, do you need to redrop because it ended up outside 2 clubs lengths? Or would the ball be in play? I have thought the ball is in play but the past two times the player redropped. Thanks
  7. Just curious as to what type of putting grip you guys use. I personally use the reverse overlap with the occasional left hand low if I get bored . On a side note, I was reading through some articles online and one of them talked about how the thumb on your right hand should be on the left side of the putter grip. Does anyone here use that method?
  8. I'm going to have to go with Tiger. The man is as clutch as they get
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