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  1. Setup mechanic. The better I do my job, the more I get to sit and watch my press go up and down.... And think about golf
  2. Agrer. I pretty much bury the tee
  3. thank you. I thought there would be a difference. Given those yardages, should I just fill in the rest of the clubs at 10 yds difference? Maybe 12?
  4. This is probably elementary to you guys, but what kind of distance should I expect from my clubs in the fairway based on their distance off the tee? I can hit a SW 120 off the tee, AW 130 off the tee. And a 6i about 190 off a tee with about a 5* slope ( based on today's performance). Can anyone give me a fairway/ tee reference for other irons and wedges based on that? I wish I could give you guys some flat yardages off the fairway but I didn't get the opportunity to shoot the distance with my scope because people were waiting
  5. Hey guys. I've been searching for an answer to this question for a while now and all I can find are tips on club selection based on an already known elevation change. My question is, does anyone have a method for determining roughly how many feet up or down a flag or other target is? I'm hoping for something that just involves your eyes and maybe an outstretched arm and/or fingers.