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  1. The scrambles I have played in or heard about, the winning score is usually around 16 under! So it's pretty obvious the rules are not being followed. Use as many balls as you want!
  2. I never realIy delved too deeply into playing a certain brand or type of ball. Based it on price. But I switched from Pinnacle to Callaway about 6 weeks ago and my scores have gone down. Coincidence? I have no idea.
  3. Zekez


    Wilma or Betty??
  4. So what if they do? It's their life. It's seems a tad patronizing to attempt to tell others what should be important in their lives. Do you ever get upset at anything in life? if you do, I might think it;s silly of you to get upset over that. I know the video dude is basically using golf to tell us to just relax and enjoy life (of which golf is a small part). It's a great philosophy.
  5. Disagree. For the amount of time and effort we put into the sport of golf, it is important to us. If it wasn't important, we wouldn't put that much emphasis on the sport. And what are the things that actually matter in life? The things that matter are the things that you love to do and that make you and others happy. Things that you enjoy are important. Golf is nowhere near "completely unimportant" relative to the other parts of life, but it's also not so important that one gets so stressed out that it's not fun.
  6. Finished up the regular season in my league last night.Shot a 40. Solid round. Made some nice par saving putts. Won 5.5/9 points.I finished 3rd out of 26 guys. Match record was 12-2-2.First round of playoffs next week. I am giving a stroke on 5 holes.
  7. It is very easy to follow this year. But frankly, it wasn't that hard to follow in the past.
  8. So if the "playoffs" are so important why carry over the points to the playoffs? No other sport with playoffs carries over from the regular season. Just start the first playoff tournament with 125 players and the top 70 advance. And so on.
  9. Winning the majors should be worth more Fed Ex points than they are. Only 100 more points for winning a major than a regular tour event is not right. These are the MAJORS BAYBEE!!
  10. My league had an outing on Saturday which i was really excited for. Beautiful weather, nice course, etc.. So....out of 26 league members only 8 showed up plus one of the guys friends so we had 9 golfers. Whoopie! We had to go out in threesomes and in my threesome was the one golfer who is the league jerk who is also the best golfer in the league. He throws clubs, gets mad, etc.. not a joy to play with. I didn't ride in the cart with him as i was the solo guy in the cart. So that sucked too riding around all day by myself. So my excitement level went way down. It was still fun to golf, but nowhere near the fun I thought it was going to be. Shot a 47-41 as I putted atrociously on the front 9 and my head just wasn't in the game. I did win a skin though, so i got a few bucks back.
  11. Is the issue with your drive or 2nd shot or another shot? Where does the breakdown more often than not occur?
  12. I have had pretty bad OCD for 40 years. But it never surfaces on the golf course.
  13. This. Its stupid.
  14. There is no way that I will believe that, unless you play one round of golf every 8 years!
  15. League night last night Shot a 39 (par 35). 1 birdie, 4 pars, 3 bogey, 1 double bogey Chipped very well. Putting was pretty solid although i left a few well short as the greens were very slow. Won 7.5/9 points as we play match play with 1 point per hoie.
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