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  1. Well....if they had to go really really bad, then I guess a 2 stroke penalty would be better than the alternative!! :)
  2. Dogleg left hole. I was just short of the dogleg about 2 feet in the short rough off of the fairway. I had a tree about 25 feet in front of me if i wanted to go for the green. I took a 7-iron and lo and behold cleared the tree with a nice fade and was about 10 feet from the hole. Missed the birdie :(
  3. You are nuts to play golf with this dude. Butt of jokes or not. I call BS on this. If they were playing so slow then how did they get from the green to the next tee box AND tee off before you hit your shot???? How slow were you playing for this to happen?
  4. Weird and Stupid!
  5. Shot a 41 in my match play League. Opponent was giving me 3 strokes. I won the match 5 to 4. 5 pars 3 bogeys 1 double Good: Drove 6/7 fairways and the only one that I missed was by about a foot. Hit some very good approach shots. I had 4 birdie putts ranging from 6-25 feet. Alas, i made none. Bad: Other than duffing 2 shots on the first hole (an easy par 5) i played pretty solid.
  6. In SW PA. Near Pittsburgh. Blue collar !! :)
  7. I see guys golfing in jeans every time I play.
  8. I guess it depends on the rules of the tournament? I would think that if everyone in the tourney has to keep up a certain pace of play, then it wouldn't matter if there was no group behind you. You have to maintain the same pace as everyone else.
  9. Agree 100%. And bonus points for using "unfettered"!!
  10. Zero. I have been playing on and off since about 1981. Not good or lucky enough I guess!
  11. It would not show it because people like you prefer to put your expectations on others. Why do/should you care what anyone else wears while golfing?
  12. LOVE IT!! About 15 years ago my wife and i went to the Symphony to see Itzhak Perlman. it was a 90 degree June day. We wore shorts. I think we were the only ones in shorts. Many had on tuxedos. I don't recall getting any staredowns though.
  13. Shot a 39 (par 35) in my league on Wednesday. Was giving 5 strokes to my opponent. Match play. Won 5 points so it was a good week 5 bogeys 3 pars 1 birdie The good: I putted very good. Made a 20 footer for birdie. Hit 5/7 fairways. Missed the other 2 by vert little. The bad: Chipping was a little off. I usually come up short when chipping so I made a concerted effort to try and get to the hols and ended up hitting a few too hard and well past the hole.
  14. I always feel more comfortable in a tee shirt when I golf as I look at golf as more fun than serious. So my attitude lends itself to enjoy golf more in a t shirt and very casual attire.
  15. Does that mean it rains chickens ? :)