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  1. Tiger's chip in at the Masters in 2005. Nothing else comes close. While there have been many truly unbelievable shots in the history of the PGA, nothing comes close to matching the utterly unbelievable shot that Tiger made. it wasn't just that the shot was fantastic in and of itself. The Master. 70th hole. Everyone in the golf world watching. And...are you f'ing kidding me about how it went into the hole!!!! Basically stops moving on the edge of the cup..everyone holds their breath. And it rolls one more time and goes in!! A movie ending in real life!!!!
  2. I'm not telling anyone how bad they are. I just pick my golfing companions judiciously. If you were referring to me, then yes i did suck at one point. When i started,. But even then i wasn't horrible. And when i sucked I played with my friends who were also at the same skill level as i was. It won't come crashing down on me. And aren't you being as judgmental as i am by being condescending about my "shallow" character? But like most people you'll miss that point. I can't dictate who I play with without being shallow, but you can criticize me for my opinion and it's cool. Check.
  3. I have absolutely no desire to golf with anyone who is pretty bad at golf. In my job I socialize constantly and while I am an outgoing person who does enjoy socializing, I have zero desire to socialize around a golf course with someone who sucks at golf.
  4. Those guys who are oblivious to others lines of putting and proceed to constantly walk in the putting lines.
  5. Dang I'm jealous of you guys that belong to a club and get to play in tournaments!! :)
  6. This 1000x! Nothing like being outdoors on a beautiful sunny day playing golf!!
  7. Shot a 40 but lost in the first round of my playoffs. 1 birdie 3 pars 5 bogeys
  8. Played the match yesterday and lost 1 up. Just too many strokes to give as i gave him a stroke on 8/9 holes. I shot a 40 and he shot a 50, but he played good enough to win. I missed a 6 foot slider on the last hole to tie. Two shots he hit just doomed my chances: (1) On a very difficult par 3 (160 yards) which has a very narrow green that's only about 15 feet deep and bunkers in front and in back. And a green that slopes pretty hard back to front. I hit first and hit a great shot about 15 feet right of the hole. Now I'm up 3-2 at this point and it's sort of looking good. He steps up and hits one about 12 feet from the hole! He was even shocked, but he came through. Needless to say i had to birdie to just halve the hole which i didn't so the match was tied at 3. (2) The very next hole he pushes his drive way right and is behind a clump of trees which are about 30 feet high and maybe 20 feet in front of him. He says to me "I'm going to try and go over the trees, with a 7-iron!" and i think "you're nuts"! So of course he hits it directly into the tree in front of him and it goes straight through without touching a single leaf!! Unbelievable!! I immediately thought that was a sign from the golf gods that today wasn't my day to win!! :) The guy who beat me then went on to beat the top seed in the next round. He's a playoff monster as he beat the #3 and #4 seed last year in the playoffs!
  9. Have to agree with those that recommend taking a minute or two to collect your thoughts after a bad shot and PLAY THE SAFE SHOT! Every golfer has to take their medicine occasionally. For most League/weekend golfers you have to understand and accept that in every round you will hit a few bad shots. We all do.
  10. Classic!!! But he just HAS to be a member at that club!! SMH...
  11. I like this discussion. And wouldn't it just come down to which golfer is playing better that day relative to their handicap and skill level? The handicap system exists to make things equal right? So no matter who is playing it all comes down to who played better THAT DAY. The guy i am playing in my League playoffs is a 13 handicap and in the bottom 5 players in the League. Last year he beat both a 2 and 4 handicap to make it to the semi's.
  12. Got rained out after 4 holes so we have to play again next Wednesday. My opponent of the 13 handicap was on fire and was leading me 2.5 -1.5 when we had to quit. He definitely wasn't hitting like a 13 handicap!
  13. Yes match play. Sorry I didn't make that clear.
  14. The bane of golfers everywhere is rearing its ugly head today, the first round of my league playoffs,...RAIN!!! I hate rain!!
  15. Do you change your approach with gimme's when you have your League playoffs? Are you more likely to not give as many putts, give more putts or stay pretty much the same? I assume most here that play in a league do it mainly for fun, but let's face it, everyone likes to win too! I probably lean towards giving less putts in the playoffs as I assume my opponent will be doing the same. But as the match goes on that can change.