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  1. My "best" shot of my round yesterday: I tried to put a little extra on my drive and ended up hitting a bullet to the left. It was heading OB, but luckily hit a big ol' tree and ricocheted back towards the fairway. I hit a 5 iron to the green and two-putted for par!
  2. I am pretty much the same. The one thing that has changed it that I am more consistent this year, but not shooting as many lower rounds. Last year I think I shot 4-5 rounds in the upper 30's, but also had a few rounds in the upper 40's. This year my scores have ranged from 39 (once) to 45 (once), so i shooting in the lower 40's nearly every round.
  3. Responding to OP. How does a Club that has memberships NOT have rangers on the course to speed up the slow groups?
  4. I do not like wearing collared shirts/jersey when golfing. I am so much more comfortable in a nice t-shirt. Golf for me is about having a good time and wearing the same type shirt jersey i wear to work is offputting to me. Makes it seem too "Serious"
  5. Shot my handicap in the League last night, a 42. 5 pars 3 bogeys 1 triple - I hit too much club and pulled it slightly so I ended up on a severe downslope chipping over a bunker to a green severely slopping away from me! Worst possible shot in golf :)
  6. SW PA. My league course: We pay $20 for the League play Weekdays FLAT RATE - $25.00 Weekends FLAT RATE - $40.00 (Weekends After 1pm FLAT RATE - $25.00)
  7. Shot a 3-over 39. Had pretty much my best round of golf tee-to-green that i can remember. I had 5 birdie putts ranging from 2-25 feet. I made one at least! As usual my short putting let me down. Missed 3 putts inside 5 feet. Off the next two weeks which stinks as I am playing the best golf of my life right now!!
  8. Shot a 43 in my League yesterday. Had a good round going through the first 4 holes, but hit a poor iron shot and lost the ball on the 5th hole which led to a Double. Doubled the next hole too. Got back on track for the last 3 holes though. 4 Pars 3 Bogeys 2 Doubles
  9. I think that hitting the ball well off of the tee is paramount to scoring well. When i keep my tee shots in play (and i do not hit the ball long at all) and putt pretty bad, I still am within range of my handicap.
  10. Lost the match. 2 up The good: Drove the ball very well (usually a solid part of my game) Medium to long range putts were very good (solid all year with these) The bad: Missed two crucial short putts that would have halved the holes, instead lost the holes. (weakest part of my game. I just cannot get those 2-4 footers in the hole) Second shots were really erratic to poor. (I need new irons. I have zero confidence with my really old irons) Chipping was mediocre (usually a strong point) Poor decision making ( this costs me more than it should) - essentially a bad decision off the tee on a short par 4 led to my defeat. I need a caddy!!!
  11. Round of 8 this Wednesday. I am giving 3 strokes (match play). My opponent is like me in the fact that he hates gimmes, so we will probably be putting everything out.
  12. Didn't Nicklaus and Tiger predominantly hit a fade? :)
  13. It's an individual league, so I am my only teammate! :)
  14. This a million times!!! If you are playing golf then the object is to get the ball into the hole. The main reason gimmes exist is so golfers can shoot lower scores. I would love to play in a league that does not allow gimmes. Alas, egos are too large for that.
  15. Shot a 41 last night in the first round of my league playoffs. We play match play but count all strokes in case of a tie as the tie-breaker is net score. I hit a few drives longer than I have ever driven the ball thanks to some swing changes. 5 pars 3 bogeys 1 double (pin high in rough and took 4 to get down)