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  1. Is the issue with your drive or 2nd shot or another shot? Where does the breakdown more often than not occur?
  2. I have had pretty bad OCD for 40 years. But it never surfaces on the golf course.
  3. This. Its stupid.
  4. There is no way that I will believe that, unless you play one round of golf every 8 years!
  5. League night last night Shot a 39 (par 35). 1 birdie, 4 pars, 3 bogey, 1 double bogey Chipped very well. Putting was pretty solid although i left a few well short as the greens were very slow. Won 7.5/9 points as we play match play with 1 point per hoie.
  6. Not lost a golf ball in 8 years! Bwhahaha!! Good stuff.
  7. Is this serious? Why is the OP on THIS site? Bizarre.
  8. I never said that I like to play for 5 hours. Please go back and read my posts. I said that I don't bitch and moan if my round takes 5 hours. If i am in the 1st group off for the day that round will be in the 3 to 3.5 hour range. i play fast., I prefer golf to drinking! Sigh.. again. Can't you guys read my posts correctly? I do not play slow. period. i just don't whine when a round takes 5 hours. I simply enjoy the time out on the course. I'm just different than you guys when it comes to that. Couldn't be more wrong about me, but thanks for trying! I do work full time by the way. Please notice what I said in my earlier post.
  9. I have often walked when golfing . But I dont walk in 90+ weather. That's your choice to be aggravated. Again I dont play slow at all, but I dont bitch when play is slower than I like. So why does that matter to me how others choose to live their lives? I cant be responsible when someone cant devote the necessary time to golf. Give up something else for that extra hour to golf. Again, I play rather quickly and have NEVER held up other golfers dud to slow play.
  10. I get that, but my point was more about not really caring if I am out there for 5 hours. Like I said, I do most things in life quickly and playing golf is the same. I am always ready and play quickly. I just dont moan if my round takes 5 hours.
  11. Not for me. Why is far too long for you? I just enjoy the game, the course, being outside among nature. Good company. Why hurry it along?
  12. What is the point of playing fast? I do most things in life very fast as I'm wired that way. But on the golf course what's the freaking hurry??? Now i don't like extremely slow players, but 5 hours or so on the golf course is fine. What the hell would I be doing that is a better use of my time? 🙂
  13. Hacker-like shot by Tiger on Par 3. Ugly.
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