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  1. Zekez

    Your State's Sports Mt. Rushmore

    Pennsylvania Arnie Joe Montana Josh Gibson Wilt Chamberlain Four different sports represented.
  2. Zekez

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    Nope. Not even close.
  3. Zekez

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    How could it be anyone but Jones, Palmer, Nicklaus, Woods. End of story. Seriously. There can be no argument. No one else achieved what they did in golf on the course combined with their impact on the game. Not even close.
  4. Then isn't every job a grind?
  5. But why pass up the opportunity to make more money? Unless he really, really, really thinks he needs a break.
  6. Zekez

    League Play: Pros and Cons?

    I second this. Love playing in a league for many of the reasons already mentioned.
  7. Isn't there prize money involved?
  8. Zekez

    Back to Back Aces

  9. Zekez

    Back to Back Aces

    Did they also drive the ball 300 yards every time???
  10. About 15 years ago my daughters boyfriend claimed he could drive the ball 300 yards. I did not believe him. Well we went golfing and lo and behold he crushed the ball! Even hit his 9 iron about 180 yards. Trouble is he didn't do this with any regularity and his overall game was lacking in many ways. He shot in the 100's.
  11. Zekez

    2018 Northern Trust - FedExCup Playoffs

    Woods has only 4 bogies this week. Wow.
  12. Zekez

    What are you listening to?

    The song is so damn catchy and the video is hilarious.
  13. Zekez

    3 Club Tournament

    What about people choosing a 6 iron as their longest club? They would have the same problem, except off the tee.
  14. Zekez

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Won my round of 8 match last night in my league. 9 hole match play. I won 4 UP. Played probably my best 6 hole stretch in years, as I was even after those 6 holes. On to the semi's next Wednesday.

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