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  1. OP hasn't responded in 5 days. hmmmmmm...
  2. Couldn't disagree more. One can win without being a jerk.
  3. Faldo rocks it! I love listening to him.
  4. Smug, rich white dude. Racist?
  5. Only 3 more weeks in my league. Where did the time go!! (as always it flies by). And of course i didn't improve a lick, but didn't do anything that would lead to any improvements in my game.
  6. My league had a 2 man best ball outing on Saturday. I didn't play all that well as i shot a 91, but chalk some of it up to trying to pull off some shots that I knew probably wouldn't work, but what the heck try anyway!There were only 2 skins won and I was one of them. So that was sweet!
  7. Indeed it is.
  8. Ramones - Ramones Mania
  9. League night on Wednesday. Shot a 43. Singles, Match play. I was getting a stroke on 3 holes. Playing one of the guns who hits the ball a ton. I played decent, he played mediocre. I won 5 points out of 9. Good - Drove very good..hit 4/7 fairways, but the 3 misses were barely in the light rough. No duffed shots Bad - Putting was not that good. Left one birdie putt on the lip and another i made a very poor effort.
  10. I hate those!! You catch one sooo good and it flies way over the green...
  11. So did the top players skip as many events back in the 60's, 70's 80's or the 90's? I would think that they didn't. And the reason that they can even structure their schedule is the huge amount of money they make.
  12. Love it!! A lot of 1960's Dylan lately.
  13. It seems that most of the big stars aren't playing this week? Lends credence to the argument that the massive amount of $$$$$ on the tour allows the top stars to skip many tournaments and therefore be perceived as $$$ is most important.
  14. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1950's) - pretty good. Very "of it's time" though - Par Fire: Walk With Me - Loved me some Twin Peaks and loved this movie - Birdie