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  1. [VIDEO]http://youtu.be/GhpJncJbFDQ[/VIDEO]
  2. Yea can you delete the other one?
  3. okay thanks for the info! Ill do my best to make it better next time! thank you
  4. http://thesandtrap.com/t/83632/my-swing-zackgolfreno
  5. I've been Playing Golf for: Combined time maybe 2 years My current handicap index or average score is: 10 My typical ball flight is: high fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hooking my drive Videos : https://youtu.be/bXIynmPeApM https://youtu.be/I1AatHZGmAs Say something credible and I will fix it. Thanks for your help I will continue to post more, with better angles
  6. Been playing since high school but VERY off an on Story highschool two years only spring time 06-08 prolly a 20 handicap 08-11 played football for the university of nevada so no golf at all 13 summer job at a local club played ALL summer probably 50 round that summer until my thumbs fell off got down to shooting +3-6 consistently with a lot of par rounds and even a couple 70's Stopped until now Im not going to boast to yall, but i am an athlete and fortunately for me I've been able to pick up things faster than most. Never once did I think I had the opportunity or time to be able to grind it our for a few years and make it. Any help would be awesome. I'm not jumping in full force either, Im smart, I sold my clubs back when i opened my gym to get a few barbells. Now before getting fitted or getting the equipment exactly for me, i picked up some cheap mizuno blades and promised myself to not buy some really nice clubs until i think i deserve them. theres a famous quote out there about equipment "its not the bow n arrow its the indian" Zack
  7. good for you, looks like you've been a hater for a long time! Should be proud of yourself when you can finally tell someone " i told you so" with a stupid smirk.
  8. Holy shit now these were really helpful thank you!!! I will try my best to keep yall updated. i seriously love the help with paths to take and percentages to hit! I seriously love this game so much and I understand the grind. What does suck is i live in reno nevada and the weather is not great year around. but luckily there is an indoor putting are and simulator, lets say i can get really good at putting! I have found some weekly practice routines to possibly follow! Any advice here? I am acquainted with practice and grinding a lot, so whatever link works! And again has anyone seen igolftv youtube? Dave marsh? what you think? Seriously appreciate everything. Zack P.S have a swing videos where do i post this?
  9. A lot of negativity.. Lol is that because all yall didn't make it? Or didn't have the money to do so? I own a gym and that opens my schedule to golf or at least practice 7 days a week, for as long as I keep my gym open. Went out yesterday and shot +4 with 5 three puts, now that is my best round in the month I've picked up this game again. now this is after not playing for 2 years, Ill probably be scratch by the end of this year. I'll keep yall updated, and stop hating, would love some feedback on the best route to take! Thanks!!
  10. I'm a 10 handicap now Used to be a 3 Didn't golf for a year Will be a 3-6 very shortly can you guys think of anybody my age, going pro when they are 30? I'm 26 with a crazy work ethic, thinking I'll be pro when I'm 30-33. Anybody follow igolftv? Awesome guy! Zack
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