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  1. also, is it imperial lakes or imperial lakewoods?
  2. is there a site that lists the distances of pro golfers? I'm looking in particular for rory mcilroy and hunter mahan. Thanks
  3. I know that vokeys are a heavier wedge, and that callaways are on the lighter side. Are mizuno's heavier too? And what are the advantages of a heavier club? Thanks
  4. any good golf courses near Sarasota? I'm going down for two weeks, and I'll want to play a lot. Thanks
  5. I would love to go with callaway pre-owned, but i can't hit the actual clubs, which puts me off. Same with golfsmith, you can only hit them into a net. I really want to take them out on the course, or at least an open-air range. Thanks for all of the suggestions though
  6. thanks for all of the info, i'm just afraid that the club i buy won't be standard length and lie e.g. golfsmith
  7. where's the best place to buy used? Preferably somewhere close to chicago? Thanks
  8. great thanks for the info! could you post any pics?
  9. great thanks. Any comparable irons, like mizuno? And what about distances compared to new clubs like 710 mb?
  10. please, back to the original question
  11. Anyone have any info on these? How do they compare to 690 mbs, 695s, 670s, etc? forging process? Age? If i put new grips on these baby's how close will they be to the 710 mbs? How offset? Thanks. EDIT: Also, what are the comparable mizuno irons and how do they stack up?
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