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  1. nothing worse pal. think a bit of time at the range, maybe another lesson and see what happens is in order for myself. off the tee is just killing my game right now. great when it comes off, but 3off Tees are a nightmare
  2. yeah he was an instructor at American golf in Glasgow. what he told me to do did work. but was worried about it becoming a incorrect habit. I'll give that a try thanks.
  3. I (like many) suffer from the occasional slice with my driver. (Nike covert 2.0, set up with draws basis and stiff shaft. ) went for a lesson a while ago and the pro said when I get to the point of contact to try and roll my hands . only problem I have is that I don't want to get into a habit of swinging this way with all clubs. as my iron play is generally pretty decent just after some advice , if anyone has had simulate problems.
  4. leo7

    Cross Handed Putting

    seems to do the job anyway.
  5. I'd class myself as an average putter. however i was leaving my lag puts short and struggling 6-9 ft for pars and bogeys. I had to work on my putting. bought 'pill putting aid' online(Amazon 12quid) and mixing things up. I went with the spieth method. left hand lower. seems to of made a difference with me? Any one else had such success?
  6. good shooting well done. I feel that at my club, if an 18 or above handicapper pu comes in a couple under par he's a bandit. but if a low guy shoots -3/4 he's played great. when someone off 6 shot -5. he was congratulated (rightly so). why the stigma on the higher guys doing the same thing? surely everyone started out high and came down
  7. yeah I understand that and I'm often told I the ball too well for a 18 handicap. unfortuanetly I have a problem controlling direction, so unusually have 1or5 blow out holes a round. might have something to do with the fact I have the handicap secretarie in the next round of the cup.
  8. never heard of that over in Scotland tbh and played a few different courses. gettitn a bit off point from what initial question was.
  9. ok got ye now: we use Stoke index. so the hardest hole is Stoke index 1. meaning a player off 1, get his 1 Stoke at this hole etc etc. my course standard scratch is 70. course I played to get cut s.s is a 64.
  10. sorry still unsure of what u mean.
  11. I don't think it has anything to do with the system, I think it's more the handicap official bringing me down cause he can. his actual words. I'm not getting what u mean by slopes?
  12. course they are net. if it was gross I'd be expecting them to take more off. . scores of 88 x2 and 87. on the par 70 course. 79 on the par 64 9hole course
  13. hi guys. new member here looking for some general advice . I took up golf properly last year. initial handicap was 23. I've since got it down to 18. my course is quite a long par 70. never broke 87. I recently played one of the smaller local courses (9 hole twice round. , par 64,8 par 3's) I had a good round. gross 78, net 60. I've since been taken down to 14.5. which is 3.5 shots off my handicap. the handicap official Stated when I came in that he's been dying to cutt me. I've had 3acores under par in a year. 2 -1 and 1 -2. so hardly winning everything. in fact Sunday was the first thing I have one. my goal was 15 for the year. so I'm happy I've achieved it. not complaining at all. I'll just have to practice more to play to it. i am just wondering if other people have experienced something similar? as at my course it seems to be certain people are being cutt excessively just because the official says so. thanks Leo
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