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  1. Takeaway Question

    So question I have that is related to this topic and one I struggle with that effects my takeaway. So at setup as seen DTL, is left(led) arm higher than the right at setup? When my trailing arm is soft and lower, it seems to want to come more inside at take away, but feels less natural than if trailing arm is higher than leeding arm? Sorry to throw in this basic setup question.
  2. I seem to be a collector of golf teaching books, as many around here are. I have one of the Jim Hardy books, the second one. I am curious as to what are the fundamental differences between Hardy teaching methods and those of Stack and Tilt book? Thanks and sorry if this has been discussed before. I did a search and could find anything on this.
  3. I'm looking for any info on wrist hing and cocking? S & T book I think mentions wrist movement being just hinging up and down, but no side to side(tail wagging) cocking of the wrist. I think that is dorsiflexion?
  4. Hello from Maine

    I'm in the western mountains. I play at Sugarloaf, Mingo Springs, Wilson Lake. Lakewood. I used to live in Bangor. Actually right on Webster Ave, the road the "muni" is on. Played there tons. Bangor was a great hub for golf. So many courses within a 20 mile radius. Some of them dog tracks, but I never discriminated. It's all good.
  5. Hello from Maine

    52 yo civil engineer. Life long lover and hacker of the game that is still searching for a swing that truly repeats.