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  1. 36-41 for a 77 (+6) in a competition on Sunday. Started great, two under after eight holes. Then hit a big flier from the rough on the 9th and went to a pretty awful spot under a tree, and almost OB. A couple of hacks, a chip and two putts, triple 🙈 Back nine started nice again, even par before the last three holes and +1 for the round. Hole 16, another flier/pull from the rough and a lost ball from 165 yards. A triple again! Then one more lost ball on the last from an approach and a double. So was playing really good for stretches but got a couple of wrong clubs / mistakes from approaches really cost me. I either should hit the fairway more or remember to take even less club from those lies next time aroud.
  2. Good round yesterday in a club tournament. 74 (+3) from the back tees, handicap differential 2.9. Short game was excellent, 25 putts, lots of up & downs 🙂
  3. Two new birdies yesterday on holes 7 and 9. Now 11 birdies.
  4. Haven't posted in here for a while but decided to join the challenge! I have counted 7 rounds on my home course this year (3 of them 9 hole-rounds) and got to 9 birdies. Try to make some more during August and the rest of the season. Season here started at the end of April. My home club has 36-holes, I selected our easier course for the birdie watch 🙂 Good luck to everyone!
  5. Been reading and listening to some reviews about the match. I get some of the negative points but all in all I think the Match was great! Just seeing two legends plot it out at Shadow Creek was nice. Even though it wasn't a birdie fest, the back nine wast entertaining. My only negative would be the length of the match and maybe some unnecessary commentary to fill in air time.
  6. Agree, not the same argument. Wallace had a great season with 3 wins on the European Tour, Bradley came out of nowhere..
  7. Sergio pick was surprising, Björn definitely went with experience and past performances. Seems like it really didn't matter how guys played in the last few months! Björn really leaves himself up for critique here if the veterans do not perform. But it will interesting to see! Rooting for Europe, but these picks really seem to have swung in favour of the US and feels like it would be a big upset if Europe manage to win.
  8. Geoff Shac had an interesting point on Golf Channel. He said it would be a bit of a slap on European Tour's face if they don't pick Matt Wallace. I can see the point, Wallace has won 3 times on the European Tour. So it looks like Casey, Stenson, Poulter, Wallace or RCB As crazy as it sounds Garcia might not be in the RC. But I think he should've made the effor to play in Czech and Denmark (unless Bjorn has already told him that he's a pick..) Somehow I think that Serge won't be picked and he won't be happy. This might turn in to a big US win.. Can't wait to see who get's picked on Europe team! US looks really clear on picks. Go Europe!
  9. Better! I would be all for 12 hole rounds. Wouldn't have to spend 5 hours at the course to get a full round done.
  10. Garcia is out of form and Stenson has some injuries, so that will cause some consideration.. I think Stenson and Casey, Poulter are locks. Garcia is giving some concerns with his form.. Cabrera Bello could be a pick.. Pepperell has to play himself to the team, and he could do it by winning the Czech Masters. Olesen is still hanging to the last place, but might drop out, I think he also needs to be top8 to make it EDIT: Just looked at Casey's recent form and it's actually pretty bad.. So maybe just Stenson and Poulter locks.. Will be interesting
  11. FinTurma


  12. Played in my club championships last weekend. My game was solid and I managed to grind out scores on every round. I shot 78-79-77 and finished fourth. Really happy with my play, didn't get in to too much trouble and mostly made sensible decisions on the course.
  13. Awesome add! I want to get a Mizzen+Maid shirt after seeing this 😄
  14. Way too big of a deal made out of this, he is 24, he was frustrated. Shouldn't have needed an interview with Tirico to go this through again. Anyway he seems like a good dude, I'm rooting for him in the future.
  15. This sound so annoying! They should've definitely let you play through
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