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  1. Hey Guys.. i am stuck on a trade request. Keeper League M. Floyd WR AZ J. Nelson WR GB For TY Hinton WR IN I would be receiving the top 2. I know nelson is out for the year but this is a keeper league and he was drafter in the 16th round. My team is bad this year and I know I am not going to win. Thoughts?
  2. To this day I have not broken 100 yet. I am in the middle of revamping my swing. Yesterday was the first time out since I have worked on it and I shot a 113. Its not near 100 but the back 9 gave me hope. I shot a 63/50 with a lot of penalty shots for out of bounds. The front 9 i was rushing and over swinging. The back 9 i slowed down and had 3 par's. I also was laying up and not going for the green. I had 2 par 5's that I was with in 75 yards of the green in 2 and then my short game killed me. I ended the day with one of the par's and it gave me some confidence. My next round is a week from today. I hope to get to the range again and I plan on trying to get 1 lesson in this summer too..