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  1. What I find really boring is showing only the great shots. The Masters is usually much better since you can watch all the shots on Amen corner, etc. If you watch the old Wonderful World of Golf on Youtube you can see some great golf and pro's in big trouble
  2. I have a jetspeed 3w HL that works for me on good lies in the shortgrass. It is 17* so I would say it is a 4W
  3. Ping eye2s are fine, ask your instructor. You probably won't buy better clubs for $500. Regrip and play, you can do it yourself for less if you need to save money.
  4. I have one of these that works great for 6 clubs for me, I also have a Callaway hyperlite 1 with a single strap that will hold more clubs. I like a single strap best, over your left shoulder opening facing forward and then put your arms behind you and carry it over your lower back. Get to the ball, handle of bag in left hand, grab the club with your right and put the bag down, swing the club and you are off again. But all i have is bag, clubs, towel, a few balls, a couple tees and a water bottle
  5. Tell me how many of those camera shots you see this weekend, I would bet the editors will switch to another shot.
  6. I think if you pick up the ball, you rarely get it back in exactly the same place. What is the allowable variation in where you place the ball? Can you be off an inch or a sixteenth of an inch? Someone could likely call about most any camera shot that was a close up like that and find some variation in ball placement. Now we will need new rules defining how much is allowable. You can try for yourself with your iphone and the same thing you use for stop action on swings, I'll guarantee you are rarely perfect. The rule lawyers will insist that everything is exactly correct, so therefore the
  7. I'd try 2 things first is a can of dr scholl aerosol foot powder spray, spray it on the face of your driver and make sure you're hitting the sweet spot. second is try hitting your driver only 50 yards with a slow full swing adjust till you get face and path right then go for a hundred then 150 etc both of these are from the little red book by Harvey Penick the powder one has a modern touch?
  8. Not sure how this will all work out but I know a lot more people have heard about Kirkland golf balls because of it. And not that they are an inferior product just less expensive.
  9. I have a Sunmountain Speedcart and a Callaway stand bag that I use when I walk with all my clubs or when it's wet I also have a Callaway Hyperlite 2.5 bag with no stand that I use to carry 9 clubs D, 4w, 22h, 5i, 7i, 9i, W,S, Putter I don't find that my scores change.
  10. I was talking about similar things the other night at dinner with my brother and my mother. I'm one of four boys that all survived childhood. All in our 50s and 60s We rode in cars without seatbelts, on trips we would sleep in the back of the wagon in sleeping bags. Rode bicycles and skied without helmets. Lived without antibacterial soaps We had a summer house on a lake and went for the summer from the day after school was out till the day before it started, my mother would take our shoes away on arrival otherwise they would surely be lost. When I was little the camp only
  11. I like to use Dr Scholls spray foot powder on the face of the driver. You can tell exactly where you hit it and adjust to come closer to the sweet spot. Of course you can't do this when score counts.
  12. Don't worry, Putin will let all the cats out of the bags the first week in November.
  13. You want to play a couple of times a summer, you have clubs. Clubs won't make a difference if you play a few times a year. Just have fun and don't worry, be happy!
  14. I don't see why you need dress codes
  15. There was a guy who had a bar. He had a rule: NO HATS We asked him why you couldn't wear a hat He said it was against the rule, then went on to say he didn't really care about hats but life was a lot easier when he kept out the people who couldn't obey a simple rule
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