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  1. I own a Grom, and I love it. It is a great hybrid solution for carry or for cart. When I am walking, the bottle holder is a great place to stash the SkyCaddie. It always at hand, and there is no danger of it falling out. I also like the single club layout for woods and/or putter, or wedge. This is a well thought out design, and worth every penny.
  2. My home course is about 6 blocks from my house--how lucky is that? We call it the "Royal & Ancient" Lake Bluff Golf Club. Lake Bluff Golf Club
  3. Age

    I'm 56, but I feel like 46 and I think like I'm 26. The problem is, as I see it, is that what was once a 7-iron shot is now a 6...etc.
  4. My partner and I own a small manufacturing company that distributes and sells to the woodworking industry.