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  1. I only played one-handed for a couple months (spring) since have returned to two-hands. Are you saying lie angle does not affect the posture in a golf setup?
  2. Hello, I started golfing a year ago and have a couple questions about lie angle. I'm hunch over at address (which is uncomfortable), but it's the only way I can get the club to the ground. I have a slight over-the-top movement at the top of the swing which get my swing off plane (take-away is on plane). I don't have any issues hitting it straight (the tendency is a hook vs. slice), because slightly prior to impact my club finds its way back on plane. I would guess many players don't have a correct fitting, but "figure out a way" to hit it straight. Question - could my lie angle (too flat) cause the hunch over at address and increase the slight over-the-top movement, so I'm able to hit it straight?? Early last season I injured my left hand (rightly) but continued playing (one-handed) and took lessons. At step-up my posture was comfortable (more upright) and swing was perfectly on plane and other than having a tendency off hitting off the toe, I hit the ball straight. Technically speaking, I have a better swing one-handed than two. I have a lesson on Tuesday, but want to run this question past you boys/girls first! I appreciate anyone's thoughts
  3. I agree.....I'm going to try and change the position of my right (back) hand.
  4. Thanks for the info MVMAC - I looked at my glove this morning knowing it had a couple holes.
  5. hmmm.....people have told me my thumb position doesn't look right and watching my video, I have to agree, it doesn't. It might be something I have to change. I might start taking some reps with interlock and give it a fair test for a wk.
  6. Video from behind the ball flight was straight (maybe slight draw - hit a five iron) and I don't remember exactly on the other video - but I made solid contact on both. I have a tendency to pull/hook vs. slice
  7. Good point
  8. Noooooo......looks are deceiving.....but thanks
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: Since the spring My current handicap index or average score is: 85-95 My typical ball flight is: Slight draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: heel shot Hello, Recently took up the game of golf this spring and started working with a coach who unfortunately came down with cancer and is no longer working. I've signed up for Evolvr and took a couple videos over the wkend. I couldn't believe the feedback by so many members on this forum and thoughts I'd upload and appreciate any advice! My hands get away from my body during the downswing (I think) which might be from the amount of baseball I've played in my life - reason for heel shot. The heel shots aren't as common as when I first started, but once in a while I'll hit one (heel shot) if I'm not cognizant and remind myself to keep my hands "in". Also, I use a "baseball grip", I've tried interlock/overlap grip many times, but I completely loss the club face during the downswing. Thanks for taking the time to watch the videos everyone!! Videos:
  10. Thanks for your input.....do you have a direct contact??
  11. Thanks for the input everyone......appreciate it
  12. Anyone try a site that organize the trip for you??.....or does anyone know of a travel agent who might help??
  13. Hello, I'm starting to organize a golf trip for January to Arizona. I have 6-8 guys looking to get away for 3-5 days enjoy the sun and play lots of golf. Does anyone have a recommendations??....travel agent??.....website?? .....to help get me started.
  14. Not sure about swing a driver, but I can swing most irons. I already have a hitting mat because I have an area in my basement (netting), but like you mentioned, the ceiling is too low, which is why I wanted to convert my spare bedroom. I thought about bring the net upstairs, but was wondering if anyone had a positive experience with the impact screens for my situation.
  15. Hello, I wasn't sure what section of the forum this question should be asked, hopefully this is the right area. I have a spare bedroom in house where I'd like to setup a practice area. Any recommendations on impact screens, nets, etcc......I've been searching online, but before I spend the money, I'd like to get anyone's thoughts. I do have a spare mattress in my rental property garage, which is memory foam, do you think this would work?? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!!