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  1. Rafamoro

    Putting Tips

    Inside 5ft
  2. Rafamoro

    Putting Tips

    Hello guys I've always struggle on short putts and it is why I'm here. Well, when I'm witha shot putt, I realized that my backswing is not Ok, I do not feel that the line stays correct, it seens that my hand shake. There is something that I can do? Change my putting grip? Thanks
  3. Rafamoro

    Iron set

    Hello guys, I have two questions to you today. 1) I dont now if it is only my opinion but Mizuno isn't producing clubs like MP57/MP60 more, right? Mizuno is producing the MP54 but it is not like the other I've talked about, it's thicker than MP57 02)I'm handicap 12 (index 9.0) and thinking about changing my iron set that I use now (Callaway X-14). My friend has a Mizuno MP57 that I've hitted sometimes and loved it, but I'm scared about the difficult to hit this clubs. By this way, I'm thinking about buying Mizuno MP57 (I know that there is not prodution more), Mizuno MP54 or Titlest AP2. What can you talk about this clubs for me? PS: I know that it is bullshit, but I love irons that are thinner on the... Somebody can help me if the MP54 is much thicker than MP57? Thanks a lot and sorry about my english (I'm from Brazil and have a little problems with english)
  4. Rafamoro

    My Swing (Rafamoro)

    @boogielicious Thanks a lot for the help. Do you thing that my line (in the videos looks that my shoulder line, my hips line and my feet line aren't correct) is contributing for the slice? Also, I think that my left feet movement helps to the making my path swing out to in, what you think about. Thanks and great shots for you
  5. Rafamoro

    My Swing (Rafamoro)

    Thanks for you opinion... I will work in this things to make better my swing... Another thing, what am I doing wrong to slice the majority of the balls (all the shots on the videos were slices)? Is this movement of head and hips? Looking the video, I realize that my line is wrong, do you agree with that? Thanks for everything
  6. Rafamoro

    My Swing (Rafamoro)

    Ok guys... Thank you so much... The thread is correct now, isnt it? Sorry about it
  7. Rafamoro

    My Swing (Rafamoro)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 6 years My current handicap index or average score is: Index 10.8, but a little inconsistent My typical ball flight is: Straight/Slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice (plxxx kkk) Videos: Hey guys, I'm having some problens with posting the videos of my swing here, someone could help me please? Then, I'm posting the links of my videos on the youtube. I was hitting a driver 10.5 Cleveland Launcher and a Callaway X-14 3 iron Well, I'm 20 and re-started to play golf now (when stopped with index 10.8), after 2 years out. In this way, I'm having a little problems to strike the ball consistently and slicing all the balls. What do you think of my swing? Clearly, one of my biggest problem is my left foot movement in the start of the backswing. The last question is: with this swing, do you think that I can use some "players irons"? I was thinking to get something like Mizuno MP54, Titlest AP2, Titlest CB, Apex Pro Thanks and sorry for the language (I'm brazilian) and if I descomplished any forum instruction.
  8. Rafamoro

    Changing my iron set

    Thanks for the answers guys. The problem is that I live in Brazil and cannot try different clubs. I'm searching for a iron set similar to a cavity back (my ego wants one kkkk), then I'd like to get Callaway Apex Pro or Tittlest CB, but I really afraid of being so difficult to hit them. Which other clubs do you suggest? Thanks and good shots for everyone
  9. Rafamoro

    Changing my iron set

    Thanks for the information guys The callaway apex pro irons is a little more forgiveness then the Titlest cb? Thanks
  10. Hey guys, I'm index 10.6, have a callaway X-14 pro series irons (yeah, believe it), and now I'm interested in changing my irons. My dream is the titlest CB, but I'm afraid of being so difficult to me. Which iron set you indicate to me? Thanks and sorry about the english errors (I'm brazilian)
  11. Hello everybody, I'm from Brazil and would like to now if someone has already used the putter PGA T Line IV, it's good? Well, I'm sorry about the vocabulary or something like that Thanks

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