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  1. Predict the 2016 Major Champions

    I'm guessing that Day has real trouble adjusting to the altitude in Brazil so I can't seem him winning the Olympics. But stranger things have happened.
  2. Predict the 2016 Major Champions

    British Open? Never heard of that tournament. You mean The Open Championship? Todd Hamilton? LOL. Westwood? Isn't he ready for the Senior Tour? My guess is that Spieth Day and McIlroy will win at least 2 of the majors, we'll get a surprise "unknown" for the 3rd, and the 4th will go to a veteran like Phil or Furyk (if he can get well).
  3. 2016 Hyundai Tournament of Champions Discussion Thread

    Why no PGA Live streaming coverage of this event? As someone without Golf Channel, I get only the 2 hours of NBC coverage on Saturday. Pretty poor of the PGA not to stream this tournament.
  4. T9 at the US Open and T58 at the Masters. No, Day has not been in Speith's league at ALL 4 MAJORS this year. Sorry, facts they are facts.
  5. 2015 Tour Championship Discussion Thread

    Ouch. Those kinds of holes are always painful to watch no matter who is playing. Day was on fire and then disaster on one whole. The golf gods giveth and then they take away. I still think Day is the one to beat. It's only ONE HOLE.
  6. Seriously? LMAO. In deciding Player of the Year, you rely on what actually happened, not what you wish happened. How ridiculous.
  7. I think it's pretty awesome to have both Jason Day and Jordan Spieth right now. But we're talking about Player of the Year, not Player of the Final 6 weeks of the Season. You have to start with the Majors, and there Day has not been in the same league with Spieth in 2015. If they'd both won 2 majors, then I'd say Day has been Player of the Year. But with Jordan winning two, Day winning one, and Spieth's record in the two he didn't win far superior to Day's record in the ones he didn't win ... well, you have to do some sort of gymnastic math to claim Day has been Player of the Year. Sure wish I could watch the Tour Championship but, unfortunately, PGA Tour Live is "having technical issues" and their live stream isn't working.
  8. 2015 Tour Championship Discussion Thread

    The way that Jason Day is playing it would be a major shocker if he doesn't win the Tour Championship and the Fed Ex Cup.
  9. Would you rather win a Major or the FedEx Cup?

    I can't imagine any serious professional golfer would say they'd rather win The Fed Ex Cup than a major or two in a calendar year. Unless all they're interested in is money, not achievement. And in that case, they're probably also a Donald Trump voter.
  10. The Presidents Cup v The Ryder Cup - Which is best?

    I love the Ryder Cup but I must say I find some things about it hysterically funny. "Europe" gets all excited about winning all the time but do they realize that it's one country (USA) vs an entire continent? LOL. I also think -- like the Olympics -- if you live and train in the USA you don't get to play for your "home country/continent" where you don't live or spend most of your time. How many players would that eliminate from Europe's team? Just saying.
  11. 2015 BMW Championship Discussion Thread

    Amazing stuff from Jason Day. The "kid" continues to impress. The ace from Jordan was pretty good, too. I must say I don't understand the PGA Live thing. I turned it on a minute ago and are they showing the top 3 Jordan, Jason, and Rickie? Nope. We get Bubba and Snedeker. It seems to me they should be showing the top 3 during the playoffs not the lower ranked players. I don't get their decision making process.
  12. I don't think it's nitpicking to point out all the ways it's different and not remotely similar. Another of the main differences is that you get points if you play in the tournament and if you do well you can "leapfrog" in the standings above someone who doesn't play (and according to your arguments gets a "bye"). In the NFL, those who play don't get a chance to get more points and "leapfrog" over those who take the bye. So, no, not remotely similar.
  13. Biggest jerk on the tour?

    I don't think it's make someone a patsy to not respond to people like that. But I suppose I'd rather be a "patsy" than a Donald Trump type.
  14. They don't "earn the right to skip" they have to skip. That's how the system is set up. That can't say "oh we want to play ..." they can't play. Different situations entirely.
  15. You need to get out more. Every list of the greatest golfers of all time has Bobby Jones in the top five. Also, I was responding to another poster above. As for the comments "he doesn't like Tiger" you might want to think about add "reading comprehension" to your do list for 2016 as I've already stated that Tiger is one of the greatest golfers of all time, just below Jack and Bobby. But don't let facts get in the way of a good attack.