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  1. At about 7 seconds there is a guy screen right in white who looks to be walking out of one. I think there is some kind of bank or elevation at the right side of the green and the bunkers are on the other side of it. The fairway comes in from the right side of the camera shot so it would make sense that the bunkers are oriented towards the incoming shots from the fairway. The guy in white has come up short right from the fairway and ended up in the bunker. Camera man is long left of the green from the perspective of the fairway.
  2. My guess is that it is here - 16th hole of the new course https://www.google.com/maps/place/40°38'53.8"N+74°41'59.3"W/@40.648274,-74.7003565,188m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d40.648274!4d-74.699808 The shooter is standing by the road to the north east on what looks like the tee for the next hole.
  3. 16th on the New course? The path they are standing on looks like it cuts across the fairway but actually the fairway is off to the right. There should be some bunkers to the right of the green - can't see them but looks like one of the guys is walking out of one at about 7 seconds in.
  4. I am thinking about getting one or the other of these and was discussing it with a friend the other day. He came straight out and said Arccos was way better which was a surprise to me as I have been using the GameGolf app and thought it was pretty good. I think the fact that Arccos detects the shot automatically is a big plus, but equally I can see if it fails to do this consistently and makes the occasional error it would get very frustrating. I also think that tapping a club with GG as part of a pre shot routine might actually be beneficial in terms of getting you into the zone. I don't really use the app while I'm playing - I mainly analyse my game at home and then feed that back into my yardages and club selections. I can see that an AI caddy might be useful but I feel like it would need to take into account a lot of the information that you only get by standing behind the ball and playing golf. Ok I might have 150 to the green which is an 8 iron but what about my lie and the length of the grass and the slope of the ground and that tree I need to get over and the softness of the green and the hump I can bounce it off etc. The AI and the course data are going to need to be a lot better before it can make those kind of decisions. I have gained some benefit from just using the app on its own so I think I will probably give the GameGolf tags a go to see if it is technology I can get into the habit of using. I wouldn't be surprised if the app on its own is enough for me as I have a pretty good memory for the shots I hit during a round anyway.
  5. Is it a 140 characters thing where taking a picture means you can say more? A lot of things must be a bit weird for him at the moment.
  6. It will be interesting to see where he goes with it if it doesn't get funded. Maybe his usual market just isn't tuned in to kickstarter and his marketing hasn't been good enough. He doesn't seem to have a huge following on twitter or facebook which must matter. If he does decide to fund it himself and just do it anyway I would say that marketing is going to be his biggest issue.
  7. I thought that the GTA mods were really just for pc and even then aren't supported by rockstar games. To do things on Xbox might involve a bit of hardware adjustment just to get started and even then there are probably restrictions on what is possible. I have also heard stories of people sending their Xbox and some money to a 'reputable hacker' to get the hacks applied with varying results. i was involved with an unreal tournament mod back in the day and it is a great way to get into game development. If you have a pc then there are lots of games that officially support modders (like giving out instructions on how to do it). If your son is interested that would be the best way to go. If it has to be Xbox and it has to be gta5 then I think it might be a more complicated situation.
  8. I think it is definitely possible (depending on the course). I've regularly played 9 hole rounds on local courses in the UK (which are possibly set up more for walking) in just over an hour as a single, pair and three ball. That is obviously without meeting anyone in front though and it assumes a certain level of fitness and efficiency of playing routine. I guess simplistically if you assume walking 7000 yards (approx 4 miles) and 100 shots at 30 seconds per shot then that gives a baseline of about two and a quarter hours (but that would be a pretty epic performance)
  9. I maybe wasn't clear in the original post but I know my full swing yardages and my intermediate distances for my current set of wedges. I'm just wondering if there is a better way to arrange the gaps based on the experience of others. I like the clock face system for hitting intermediate distances so I'm interested in how to optimize it. When I bought my first set of wedges I only thought about the gaps in loft. I then worked out out the yardages afterwards, but that means I ended up with some uneven yardage gaps. So second time round I am going to look at things by distance i.e. I am going to buy a wedge that goes X yards with a full swing. My current wedge profile looks like this (distance along the x axis, %age effort on the y axis, each wedge has a different color) So I could bunch the full swing yardages closer together, but then I lose a high lofted wedge around the green: Or I can spread out the full swing yardages: Or maybe I can learn to hit more intermediate distances with each wedge. 4 wedges and 3-4 distances seems to be a common approach so I am just interested in how people put their yardages together. Or maybe, like me, they just bought the wedges and then see what yardages they end up with.
  10. I'm considering updating my wedges so I started thinking about the distances I wanted to cover with each one. My current full swing yardages from PW are 122 110 90 70. I then use a 10:30, 9:00, 7:30 system to hit intermediate yardages. I'm wondering if it would be better to tighten the full swing yardages (120 110 100 90) or make the gaps a bit bigger (120 105 90 75 or 120 100 80 60). I'm leaning towards making the gaps a bit bigger and learning a way to consistently take 10 yards off to fill in the holes. What yardages do you play with your wedges and do you think bigger or smaller gaps is the way to go?
  11. I was just watching PGATourLive and an ad for the Champions Tour was playing. I think the voice over said that the odds for a hole in one are 2500 to 1 (presumably derived from pro stats). Assuming 4 par 3s per round then something like 1 every 600 rounds
  12. I would agree with this. If you aren't using something like Game Golf already to analyze your game then it might be worth giving it a spin to see if it can give you some insight. I'm in a similar position to you in terms of handicap but I hit it a bit shorter. As much as I want to buy the Epic SZ the GG numbers are telling me that I have much bigger problems elsewhere. Averaging 270+ mostly on the fairway must be pretty close to scratch territory so you must be losing strokes relatively heavily elsewhere. I would speculate that picking up another 10 yards on your driver might not gain you as many strokes as fixing your biggest problem in approach/short game/putting.
  13. The announcers on PGATourLive said Sergio hit only his third career hole in one yesterday at TPC. Given he basically plays 4 rounds a week most weeks for the last 20 years it shows they are pretty rare.
  14. The community version is free which does do a lot / enough depending on your needs.
  15. It couldn't be TM article without a distance gain - 'Rory picks up 10 yards on his 6 iron by moving to TM'. Hope they didn't just give him a 5 iron with the gap on the 5 scratched closed to make it look like a 6