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  1. I'm considering updating my wedges so I started thinking about the distances I wanted to cover with each one. My current full swing yardages from PW are 122 110 90 70. I then use a 10:30, 9:00, 7:30 system to hit intermediate yardages. I'm wondering if it would be better to tighten the full swing yardages (120 110 100 90) or make the gaps a bit bigger (120 105 90 75 or 120 100 80 60). I'm leaning towards making the gaps a bit bigger and learning a way to consistently take 10 yards off to fill in the holes. What yardages do you play with your wedges and do you think bigger or smaller gaps is the way to go?
  2. I was just watching PGATourLive and an ad for the Champions Tour was playing. I think the voice over said that the odds for a hole in one are 2500 to 1 (presumably derived from pro stats). Assuming 4 par 3s per round then something like 1 every 600 rounds
  3. I would agree with this. If you aren't using something like Game Golf already to analyze your game then it might be worth giving it a spin to see if it can give you some insight. I'm in a similar position to you in terms of handicap but I hit it a bit shorter. As much as I want to buy the Epic SZ the GG numbers are telling me that I have much bigger problems elsewhere. Averaging 270+ mostly on the fairway must be pretty close to scratch territory so you must be losing strokes relatively heavily elsewhere. I would speculate that picking up another 10 yards on your driver might not gain you as many strokes as fixing your biggest problem in approach/short game/putting.
  4. The announcers on PGATourLive said Sergio hit only his third career hole in one yesterday at TPC. Given he basically plays 4 rounds a week most weeks for the last 20 years it shows they are pretty rare.
  5. The community version is free which does do a lot / enough depending on your needs.
  6. It couldn't be TM article without a distance gain - 'Rory picks up 10 yards on his 6 iron by moving to TM'. Hope they didn't just give him a 5 iron with the gap on the 5 scratched closed to make it look like a 6
  7. There is a hole almost exactly like this at the course I played last year. (Same drop off, same dog leg, same trees). After much trial and error the strategy that worked best for me turned out to be a 5w aimed just over the trees on the inside of the dog leg (so just before the fairway bunker on this hole). That way a miss left or right is still probably playable and a good shot leaves easy wedge into the green. So closer to your four iron play than the 3w.
  8. Plus kickstarter probably gives the marketing a boost. If he just released it on his website it might take a while to get out, but put it on kickstarter and it gets some free buzz.
  9. Definitely seems to be a 'see' rather than a 'feel' methodology. Nice cameo from Phil in there. I wonder how many takes that last putt took to film? Hopefully one, right?!
  10. Is it right that you seem to be swinging faster with the lower lofted club (or at least are getting higher ball speeds)? if each mph = 2.5 yds then that could be all the difference in numbers. Spin might also be relevant - with your 8.5' you are getting slightly lower spin at 2600 v 3000 on the 10.5. With all of the clubs though I would think getting the launch angle up to 13-15' would increase your distances. Once you've got that done then there might be some gains in optimizing spin, speed and smash if you keep getting consistently different results with the different lofts.
  11. lol thanks for the free medical advice but I'll just ignore it. It isn't relevant to the question in the original post. I have some Gaffer tape so I'll give that a go - thanks. G30 has this weight port and it is just about possible to get cotton balls in (and out). I read that a G10 was measured at 110 decibels and drivers don't seem to be getting quieter so G30 could well be there too. Plus in a closed back driving range with hard reflective surfaces and an angled roof the acoustics might make it worse. Like you say ear plugs are probably the easiest solution.
  12. https://www.commongroundgc.com/golf-course - looks like a good course. good luck @Pretzel - hope you play well and really looking forward to hearing how you do.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion - I wonder how heavy it is? I think u have to be careful not to adjust swing weight too much. Each cotton ball is about half a gram so you can use a few before it alters the swing weight (I think it was 6 or 12 to go up one level from d2) I did think about this but I guess it is a no way back option. I've also read about 'hot melt' which also might one way only. I just did a quick Google and it looks like there have been studies that suggest there could be an issue but it doesn't seem like anyone has done anything about it. Maybe ear plugs for the driving range it is.
  14. In all honesty the reason I'm thinking about it is concern about my hearing. It struck me that if I am hitting 30-50 drives in a practice session then that is a lot of noise hitting my ears! (I have worked with some professional drummers in the past and the tales they have about the impact of hearing damage are pretty stark. It's not that things just get quieter but stuff like vertigo, tinnitus etc all sound pretty life changing.) I think it is only really a problem in the close confines of a driving range and I can at worst start wearing ear buds. Just wondering if there is another option.
  15. Yes I agree with this. But I wonder how many putts like that a pro actually has? Since I've started using my feet to feel the slope even I have less and less of these. I imagine the pros are way better and more practiced at reading plus they have a caddy to help. So I wonder if this is a small percentage improvement on a small number of putts which equals only a very very small effect on their putting numbers.