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  1. Comical. Just send me your address. Let me send you my custom Pro Platinum Plus Scotty Cameron because it has a little bit of rust on it. The point isn't that I feel like my putter is a piece of junk but it just got me thinking about retiring the putter. I have used it since 2000 and am just exploring my options. If I were to narrow my choices right now it would be between the new Cameron Monterey or a Method 001. As I said above, huge fan of the Newport style it is just a question about whether I will change from Scotty to something else.
  2. I have been in the middle of writing a pretty lengthy memorandum in support of a motion for summary judgment for class and haven't haven't pulled out my putter for the last week. When I woke up yesterday I thought it would be a great idea to putt a bit just to cool the nerves. I took off my headcover and discovered rust on my Cameron. There is no way for me to describe in words how depressed I am. With that said, I am thinking that perhaps it is time for me to find another putter. I don't know if I will actually switch away from Scotty but I am seriously considering getting a Nike Method. I am curious if I am the only person that is considering this or am I totally nuts?
  3. Just my quick opinion but I think that we are going to see an extreme influx of this at the college level. From personal experience I can say that golf coaches are putting such a huge emphasis on gaining weight and muscle that we were actually working out with the football team 2 days a week. Considering how scrawny most golfers are, they are going to feel the added pressure to gain that weight and muscle. On tour, I don't have a clue. I have a few friends out there that have gained a lot of muscle over the last few years but I know what their routine is like and know that they legitimately gained that muscle. Perhaps some players looking to break into the top of the ranks will use the PEDs but I doubt you are going to hear players like Tiger or Phil are going to get busted. One last point, golfers are smart. I am not saying that players in other sports are not but if a golfer really wants to take steroids they can go to a doctor and say that any number of things are hurting them. That's just my opinion though; I could be wrong.
  4. At about 6:00 PM tonight the PGA Tour announced that it would be suspending Doug Barron for the use of an unspecified Performance Enhancing Drug. Curious about everyone's thoughts. Is this just the beginning of a trend or was this an isolated incident?
  5. I have a lot to say about this image but rather than go on, here is a short summary of what I am thinking: 1. Ben Hogan's Five Lessons describes what he had "felt" not necessarily did. 2. Numerous videos of Ben Hogan from pretty much his entire career look nothing like this (especially with his driver) 3. Towards the end of Hogan's career - when he was most accurate and had completely lost his dreaded hook - he stopped swaying with his hips but increased his upper body pivot.
  6. TMO

    Hooters tour??

    I played a number of Hooters tournaments. It was a lot of fun but I wouldn't say that it is easy by any means. Although the guys out there won't say it, the only reason they are playing on the Hooters tour rather than the Nationwide or PGa is because that is where their comfort level is at right now. They have incredible games but the mental hurdle to play on the PGA is a huge one. Aside from that, the courses are set up pretty difficult and you still have to be well below par to make the cut in many tournaments. Winning will take -10 or lower pretty much anywhere you go. If you want to try a Monday qualifier though and are debating between a PGA event, Nationwide event, and a Hooters event I would probably go with Hooters if it is your first one. The two PGA qualifiers I played in both took below 65 while a 69 would get you into most Hooters events. Hope that helps.
  7. Narrowing down best shot is a little tough but I'll opt for two of my most clutch/best shots ever. U.S. Open qualifier in Georgia. Through 6 holes with only 1 birdie while another player in my group is 5 under. I am dead in the middle of the fairway and 145 away from a tucked pin. I wanted to hit a 9 right at the flag, he wants me to hit 8 to the back of the green. He starts to storm off when I choose 9. I dunk it for an eagle. He walks back. First Hooters Tour qualifier and I end up in a 6 way play off. Nervous as hell I end up pushing my drive pretty deep into the woods. The rest of my group is sitting right in the middle of the fairway no more than 150 out. I see a small gap between two of the trees and somehow squeek the ball through. The other five end up hitting the green and I am sitting 75 yards out. Hit the ball right over the center of the flag and spin the ball back about 6 feet right into the cup. No one else makes birdie. I qualify.
  8. Since moving to Maryland I haven't had a lot of rounds where I get to play with low handicap players. I never had this problem before but I am finding myself playing down to my playing group unless I consciously separate myself from them. Clearly, this is not as much fun. I am hoping some people can recommend some different games I could play with a group of higher handicappers. Strokes on a hole doesn't do it for me. Any other suggestions?
  9. I use the older-Hogan method. When Hogan was younger he played the ball inside of his left heel but shoulder width apart with his 5 iron rather than his driver. As he got older, he narrowed his stance to shoulder width apart with his driver but still kept it off of his heel. Nicklaus adopted that method as well. While I know a lot of people disagree, I find that to be the easiest method.
  10. Just really quick but if we are going worst putter for handicap I think I get that medal. I know, I'm so miserable right now every time I step out on the greens. Try hitting 13, 14, 15 greens averaging 15 feet as your first putt and still manage to have 33 putts per round. It's killing me. If you solve it, let me know.
  11. If you can give me the state that you are located I might be able to make a recommendation.
  12. Well that sucks. Guess I can't just go play four really good days of golf in a qualifier then. Too bad :)
  13. Before I get people going, "You are not going to qualify for the U.S. team," I am just curious how people think they are going to do qualifying for the Olympics should golf become an Olympic sport. I would imagine that it will be a Dream Team like selection by some committee but I just thought it would be cool if they did some kind of "qualifying" like the Ryder Cup or President's cup. Thoughts? And yes, I do think it would be amazing to play golf in the Olympics. No, I am not delusional enough to believe that I have enough time to devote to doing something like that.
  14. Mr. Bike. I have to say that you bring some nice comic relief to the forum. Thank you for that.
  15. I know that this is a pretty open post topic but talking to another golfer on the forum about trying make it on tour got me thinking about all the things I wish I would have known when I started playing golf. For those beginners out there I just thought this would be a nice thread to read and hopefully shorten the learning curve. Here's a few (of thousands) that I can think of off the top of my head. 1. Perfect practice makes perfect: I used to beat balls for hours a day and ultimately, became pretty good. Then I found a teacher who taught me how to use a video camera and what to look for. Hitting 60-100 balls a day, I became really good. I can't even imagine what would have happened had I done that from the start. 2. Practice your putting: Driving the ball is so much fun that I would always leave the range satisfied if I felt like my swing was moving the direction I wanted it to. Unfortunately, that would often mean that I would leave the course without hitting even a single putt. Putting counts as much as any other stroke. For every driver you hit you should be hitting a putt as well. Those are just a few but I'm sure y'all can add a bit. Have fun.
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