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  1. Broke 90! -- And it was with a comfy 83. Hope to grab the broke 80 award this season. :)
  2. Not quite as extreme as a drill or Willett, but I have an early wrist set -- it helps me not get my swing ridiculously long. Seems that people generally stop their swing when their wrists are set. Nothing wrong with it IMHO.
  3. Congrats on the recent accomplishments!
  4. As a teacher in a non-golf area -- Teach them to enjoy golf for fun and not let it become a semi-job, ESPECIALLY at that age. There will be kids who become passionately interested in it without any extra coaxing, and a great many of them will have mom and dad "forcing" their interest in something like golf anyway, so the last thing they need is any sort of golf mentor going down that line too. When I was in middle school and younger, I still remember the fascination and excitement that I had going to the course and driving range with my grandfather, and just how cool it was to watch the
  5. I know how you feel when you're waiting for clubs to come in and you've paid for them -- then you wonder and pray that they'll work! Keep us updated on how you get on with them. I love the PING brand and aside from my putter and one wedge, all my clubs are PING. They make amazing things and have incredible service. Tell us how they work out!
  6. Cool videos. Always neat to see yourself in "official" footage! My younger brother is doing DCP again this year -- it will be his last year to do it. Best of luck for your 2017 golf season!
  7. Annnnnddd... we can clearly see where Andrew needs to work on his game this coming season .
  8. Been awhile since I've been able to drop by TST! Guess that's what happens with school. We are most definitely cheating the weather here in CO. It was 52 degrees today, so I went to hit some balls. Still just working on smoothing out transition and improving sequence. Swing much more compact now, which lets me get my hands more forward at impact. Reasonably satisfied with how things are going though.
  9. Hard to tell from the angle alone, but you are definitely suffering some lateral head movement toward the target during your swing. This is a must not-have. All great players keep their heads moving still or even moving backwards during the downswing (don't try to move it backwards, but it could be a good feel). That's about all I can feel confident in saying from that angle, but it's a big death move. Can't move your head toward the target, because it pushes your swing path right (as it's your body's way of trying to fix steepness), and causes you to lose your spine tilt away from the ta
  10. For what it's worth, if you really do like PING clubs and like those clubs and can get fit, go for it. Rarely -- very rarely -- will you ever find any discounts on PING. Even places like Golfsmith and budgetgolf and other online stores always have PING exempt from sales and percentage coupons. Nice as a customer though knowing that you'll basically be paying the same price no matter what If you like PING and want new clubs and can afford it go for it
  11. Look forward to seeing you around! You should start a "My Swing" thread in the respective forum and we can keep track of your swing and follow your progress
  12. One of the first videos I've done after practicing with the new irons. Having some issues hitting things left (as is evident in this clip), but not too displeased with the swing as a whole. Driver swing is a different story
  13. Maybe I'm just a little more tolerant than most people because I'm just thankful to be playing golf and not sitting in class, but lots of this stuff doesn't bother me. The slow play (and things that result in slow play, like going Jim Furyk on shots to top it 10 yards down the fairway) are the only things that really get at me. I'm guilty of talking to my ball here and there, and I have a PING poker chip that I got at the HQ in AZ that I've used on a couple of rounds to be fun (but I move it if asked, of course). Hopefully I don't come off as annoying to others. :/ But really, thou
  14. I find that when I try to "steer" the ball is when I lose clubface control and then driving turns into a close your eyes and hope for the best situation. In fact, I think sometimes I might hit better drives if I did close my eyes. In all seriousness, the more of a steer job you try and put on a ball the worse it's going to end up for you. I even started steering them on the driving range. Something that has helped me, at least recently, is going to the driving range and my last balls from the bucket I'll just swing as hard as I possible can in balance at them, and I don't give an ounce of
  15. Again I find myself here posting a huge THANK YOU to all the folks at PING in AZ. What an awesome company. I can't believe the lengths they have gone to for me, "just a customer." Now I will shout praises from all golf courses. I got to my new driver in action today, and it's definitely an adjustment to my last setup; however, it looks just so awesome that it's hard to pass up, and the shaft definitely did its thing in lowering my ball flight! I think it's funny that this setup happened to be what I was custom fit into. (And when golf works tells you the only shaft they have is pink...
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