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  1. You're in good company. Welcome to the forums.
  2. Have some awesome news and a little story (and pictures!) first of all I wanted to give a huge, massive thanks to PING for really taking care of me, putting up with requests, and doing everything they could to make me happy. Which is not always easy to do. I think I've been more or less converted . I've always wanted a set of PING clubs and now it has happened New sticks came in today! And they look awesome. Recently a close friend was diagnosed with cancer, so those close to them are trying to show our constant support in any way we can. Plus, pink is really my favorite color. And as we all know, PING is not a stranger to mixing pink with their golf equipment, so I cannot express truly how thankful I am to everyone with PING for doing this for me. The alignment line (bottom groove) is also in pink but I wasn't able to upload that as well because of file size. cant wait to hit these. Kind of. Part of me also wants to put them in a shadow box so I can drool forever
  3. Yeah, that would be interesting to know. When I get the putter in hand with it and try it out I can report back. Seems to be a feel-related thing, but they seem interesting.
  4. This You can't create or "hold on to lag" in this sense. Lag happens as a result of good, matching sequence and parts. Trying to hold lag and firing your hips and lower body out as fast as you can at the start is a good way to do the exact opposite of it. Work on getting your swing in sync and your body will create the requisite amount of lag -- properly. Contribute to TST and post a My Swing thread, and that'd be a good way to start improving your swing.
  5. I have them, on my wedges only. On my other clubs I kind of faked the same effect with a NCMC grip that I put four wraps on the bottom portion. They're awesome grips, just not cheap. Awesome looking deals on the bay for them, but the cynic in me questions the legitimacy of some of them. Counterfeit grips can be a thing. The cynic in me also sees that the seller who is advertising a majority of the listings has a 96% positive feedback (whereas usually you go with 99% or better for the most part) and is based in Taiwan. Not saying it's a total deal breaker, but it makes me scratch my chin.
  6. Clubfitters and putter experts please help! A putter I recently got my hands on that I'm very excited about (can post more, and some pictures later!) has a particular shaft that is, apparently, somewhat uncommon. I know nothing at all about putter shafts, but could someone tell me anything about this at all? -- Supposedly, the shaft in this putter is a "True Temper fluted and stepped stainless steel under black PVD finish" and I pride myself on knowing my golf lingo especially when it comes to the technical stuff that I like, but I am at a total loss here. What on earth is a fluted shaft? How does this apply to a putter? Supposedly True Temper no longer makes them, but that may be false. Did some digging online about this and that turned up nothing, so maybe I'm just not searching for the right thing. Anyway... Any help very much appreciated.
  7. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. The argument could be made that we average Joes need custom fitting more than the best players because the better a player gets the more they can compensate for equipment. Just recently got my first full professional fitting done. It's a ton of fun, like Christmas, and you get new clubs. Enjoy your fitting, tell us how it goes!
  8. Thanks a bunch, @DaveP043! I agree with everything you said. I mainly was just playing to try out Game Golf for the first time and do a little practice. This particular course has no sprinkler yardage markers like I'm used to. If I'm completely honest, I'm not sure the course even has sprinklers. The history behind it was that it used to be an IBM employee-only course, and then IBM sold it and it's now family owned and operated. There is very little upkeep to be frank and it's just not a great course -- but it costs $10 to play 9 holes all the time on a week day so it's just a good place to go and hit it around a little bit. Compared to usual, the greens were just awfully slow. Don't think I left one putt long all day! Thanks much for the compliment
  9. @Hardspoon see first post. Not as unprepared as I look, so ha! I'm just a very good sibling and put his tryouts over my 9 hole exec. course round. Haha. Would do much better with the rangefinder next time though, I agree.
  10. Irritating as usually I'm fairly good (relatively speaking with wedges). Anyway, I'm not sure distance control was the problem necessarily but more so distance perception. Meaning that I know my gap wedge, 3/4 swing goes about 80 yards (and just the two swings I made with it were in that range. Instead, the issue was I hit gap wedge when I thought I was a gap wedge distance out, but in reality I was about a sand wedge. So instead of hitting the sand wedge the correct distance and hitting the green, I hit the gap wedge what was the correct distance, but in reality I just wasn't that far away from the green. It seemed consistently with wedges I was over-hitting them by 10-20 yards, not because I didn't know how far the club went, but just because I couldn't tell I wasn't actually that far out. Anyway, that's not to say that's an excuse or anything, but I'm also not sure how one improves on that. Maybe I have bad eyes, lol.
  11. In reality just poor club selection, and oddly enough with wedges. That's the only reason I'm happy with it -- contact really wasn't awful. I hit everything, aside from the OBs, solidly. Just not where I wanted to! GG considers a shot having missed long if it misses by 15 yards or more long. I just decided to get over my horrendous embarrassment and make that GG round public, so you can check it out there. Discarding OB penalties makes a 54 into a 48, which is not beautiful nor even as well as I did the last time I played this course. But I suppose we can't always have the round of my life. Happy with ball contact. Not happy with such poor scoring. As you can see, my total and utter lack of clubhead speed hitting 4i 160 yards at altitude yet remains extremely frustrating.
  12. Just went to play 9 holes on the small exec course today, and did terrible -- scoring wise, at least. I just did it to try out Game Golf, and I'm not sure I need to even show the results here. I hit a whopping 0% of GIR, and that's just extra sad compared to normal. It's just 9 holes, but from that, interestingly enough I lost just about 2 strokes compared to a scratch player on tee shots, whereas I lost 18 strokes (lol) to scratch on Approach shots -- how does someone get better at this? My short game was bad (or it at least had more pressure on it) and my putting was not stellar, either -- 1.9 putts per hole. Here I am thinking that tee shots are easily the worst part of my game. Also, I didn't have my rangefinder as my brother had it for school tryouts, so I was bad at distance. Shame, too because after seeing on GG how far some of those shots really were, I wouldn't have ever chosen the club I did had I known. Good news is that my poor scoring came from OB penalties, which were just huge block/shanks that reared their head. Had two of them this round, on the same hole, which is much less than I'd been fighting previously. Anyway, ideas for approach shots welcome.
  13. On Moe Norman, just food for thought, but consider that perhaps he was so good because he probably hit more golf balls than any other human on earth, and was painstakingly diligent with how he practiced, and not necessarily because he had a unique swing.
  14. Thanks for the info -- I actually got to stop by the well known clubfitter in the area here yesterday and he suggested a 35" putter with a 3 degree, maybe 4 degree loft. However, I did find a different brand of putter so I think I am going to pass on the PING this time, even though the new milled ones look awesome!
  15. I just purchased a game golf system and it's supposed to arrive today. excited to see how it works!