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  1. Phew. I must say I'm not enjoying the debating each any every piece of our posts. And again, this was not the original intention of the thread. If I read too much into what I considered your "ripping apart" my post, then I apologize. However, I "very clearly" explained that the get together was an enjoyable event where certain rules need not apply. If you are personaly dissapointed that it was not acceptable for the event organizers to not include certain rules of the game, I do apologize. Please let me specify now that we were playing a mutated version of golf where 17 clubs and extra
  2. Somewhat irrelevant, maybe. Because of the fact that I play in certain mini-tour events, I certainly don't want anyone to have the impression that my past competition was anything but legitimate. I agree as well about the rules applying to events both important and otherwise. However you missed the context of my statement. I was implying that I would be devastated should I have found that I competed illegally in an "important tournament" (something where I make some money) and that I would not be as upset to be stripped of my "crystal" dish should it be found that I played in that tournament
  3. And as a way of continuing this thread in the original intent, I submit this story ... Last summer I was playing at a course I used to frequent when I was younger. I still enjoy going there to practice sometimes, and so I happened over on a Sunday morning. The game on Sunday at this particular club is a points play. (1 for bogey, 2 for par, 4 for birdie, etc.) You are assigned your quota of points based on a cumulative average kept by the computer in the pro shop. Since it had been a number of years since I played in this group (about 50 people or so), they got together to give me a quo
  4. Quite interesting responses! (and yes Surefire, I was wondering if anyone would point that out to me, but it really wasn't my intention for the thread, lol) However, I have become very intrigued in the discussion. Let me first state that I had not turned pro at that time and have not used the putter in any event that is of any "importance." With that said, the event won with the putter was played at a course affectionately known as "the Rockpile," for reasons I assume you can deduce. While "USGA" regulated, no strict enforcement is made, particularly because there are a number of entrant
  5. Looking for interesting, ironic stories! I had a brand new Odyssey #5 that didn't seem to want to help me out one day during a tournament. After missing a short birdie putt on a drivable par 4, I decided that throwing the club wayyyyy up in the air was the best option. It was a mighty nice throw I might add, with plenty of hang time. However, the club landed head first on the cart path about 40 yards or so away. The shaft was as gnarled as an old tree at the bottom. I went to my pro to get a new shaft installed but was told that the hosel was so bent that no new shaft could be installed. Ho
  6. lazebone

    Mini Tour Play

    Lol, I should have clarified that this is on the Tarheel Tour.
  7. A man and his wife were on the course when they arrived at the 14th tee. The man smacked the ball with a horrible hook and watched the white dot disappear into an old barn kept on the course mainly for looks. The man, a golf purist, and his wife traveled to the barn and took a look at the situation. The ball had nestled right in the middle of the old barn. The wife told her husband he'd be better off taking a drop, but the man, being a bit stubborn, studied the shot. From the behind the ball, he told his wife to hand him a 4 iron. "I can hit this shot," he said. "All I have to do is keep it
  8. I don't do it too much after a shot, but I flip the putter in my hand just before I set up, because it "refreshes" the feel for me. This is a little move I picked up from my brother without realizing it, but have realized what it actually does for me since I've used it.
  9. Some pretty good tips on here. Lol, don't try everything at once though!! I've found that looking at a putt from the opposite site of the hole gives me the most feedback. Especialllllly on those tricky 5-10 footers. While walking around to the other side of the hole is when I take into account the lay of the land. Yep! Gravity dooooes make a difference, lol. Sometimes a hole may be cut leaning to the left but the hole may be carved into a hill leaning to the right, for example. Even though it looks every bit like the ball has to turn to the left, it ma actually to straight because of th
  10. Lol, I hate to repost, but ... It is amazing to me how people are sooooo worried about getting that alignment right. It's artificial. You can set up perfectly and still be a horrible putter. Same thing with the golf swing. I will say again, because I have found success through these tips. I am relaying information taught to me by a very old pro. The best putters in the world could putt with any technique. Technique is not what makes the putter, it only improves his or her precision. You will notice improvement much more quickly if you concentrate on feel before technique. Do yo
  11. lazebone

    Mini Tour Play

    To the collegiate wondering about being able to play on the mini-tour stuff ... Sure, you can play, but with a small amount of cost. To Mon. qualify, it's $150 for an Am. I do believe, with a $250 cost for entry into the tournament if you make it. (This is in comparison to a $950 entry fee for pros.) However, the competition is sweet, and will give you a great idea of where your game stands in comparison. ......... Yep, the Hooters Tour is a live and kicking with some pretty good fields, and great payouts. In fact, I'll be playing in the Mar. 9-15 Hooter's Tour Open and the Rock Barn C
  12. Let me ask you Dagolfer: Do you ever go to the putting green and just hit a few at the hole- ABSOLUTELY not paying any attention whatsoever to your stroke, or how you look, or anything as far as technique? I would recommend i, if you haven't. (Of course I'd also do this when alone as I understand this might be a bit embarrassing if others didn't know what you were up to, lol) Why do children normally progress at golf quicker than an adult? Because they pay absolutely no attention to what anyone tells them. They do what feels natural. If someone gave you a broom handle and a tennis ball
  13. I've been lucky enough to really only lose a few wedges due to the occasional out of the way placement. However, when I was a junior golfer, I left a particular sand wedge behind at my local course more than a few times. In each instance, the wedge (a Brunswick lob wedge, my very first) was behind the counter of the pro shop waiting for me. After about the fourth or fifth time over the summer, the pro apparently took it home to teach me a lesson. As much as I miss that wedge, the lesson was a valuable one. When not playing in a tourney, I tend to lay my wedges on the flagstick, as it (1)
  14. lazebone

    Mini Tour Play

    Are you still doing the single-day tourney stuff or have you gotten into any longer events? Most of the ones I play in are 54-72 holes.
  15. lazebone

    Mini Tour Play

    This thread has been quite interesting to read. Ben, how much time are you able to devote to practice currently? (Whether through range or play) I played a few events on the Tarheel Tour last year and plan to play quite a few this year, as well as some select tourneys on the Hooter's. I'll also try my hand at the Wyndham Monday qualifier again this year. I missed it last year by 2 shots. I've been a member of another golf forum for some time, but am glad to find one that seems to be active! The other one gets a reply once every few days to a week, lol.
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