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  1. I had the pc's and then the FTX's. Loved them, especially the pc's...may resurrect them one day. The 8 iron shaft broken in the hosel though, so got to fix that. my 2 iron is pristine, never could really hit that thing.
  2. VMAN


  3. If it's mizuno I would want them. They make great playable clubs, if you hit them well then you hit them well.
  4. Unless the divot is perfect and the ground is moist we sand and see our divots with mix, they have a better regrowth rate that way. If you kick up the edges of the divot slightly with your club there is less to no chanceof a ball ending up in there. its courtesy for other golfers but not enough people actually do it.
  5. VMAN

    how to break 80.

    Quote: Originally Posted by lville lefty The two common stats for rounds under 80 are; seven greens in regulation 30 or less putts per round Do that and you will regularly break 80. How to reach these objectives is the hard part. It is that simple. Last time I played 13 GIR and 36 putts and 1 OB (2 penalty strokes) SCORE 80. (thanks scorecard v2) That round for me is above avg on GIR and below avg on putts, but greens had been sanded the week before so lags were not quite as close. In any case, I think the formu
  6. I'm happy. I couldn't put too much slope in but we do have a couple of features that affect the ball. Mine is about 450 sf with three cups, that is plenty and I can roll some 22' putts to check my tempo. It rolls true, though I think I need to invest in a landscape roller to roll it every few months or so. SWG will come out for a very nominal fee every couple of years to check everything and roll it if warranted. We rarely putt from edge to edge unless I have a couple of buddies over, usually we play chipping games if anything. Way more fun, since we always two putt from anywhere o
  7. Update: It's nice to have a bigger green like this to chip to, but mainly I use the flat areas I set up to keep up on my stroke and practice filling the cup with 4 to 8 footers. So far, upkeep has been nil and it's holding up nicely. We've chipped from as far as we can maybe 40yds and the green will accept the shots without a problem and take the spin on all shots including 3 to 4' off of the green checkers. But, if you want to improve your putting I'm pretty convinced that a green with an 8 to 10' max straight putt is all you need. I go out for 10 minutes at a time once
  8. i went artificial and it's awesome, improved my stats from 5' by a lot already.
  9. I agree, follow up bad with something that puts you back in play and aim for a bogey...two bad shots limit it to a double. Sometimes though you just have to channel your inner Bubba and believe in yourself, but be truthful about the results and know where you can miss.
  10. I tend to agree. I have a few putters but my gamer the last three years cost under $80. Odyssey #9 brand new. I have two....just in case.
  11. I don't know much either but I've heard it from two different superintendents who run nice ranges and courses. Either way they make it work. You should also consider that given a certain laid out area for the day you're leaving more edge area and that the fill being spread out has a better chance or remaining in the future since it's adjacent to much more established sod. It's pretty evident that it seems to work on our range, but then again I take divots in a clean line one after the other because that is how I use my sandtrap alignement aid. :) So I'm not helping the cause, but I got ni
  12. Some supers differ and think the grass grows in better and faster when the divots are not all linked together.
  13. On my course, when the pins are on the back of the green is when we see the most unrepaired ball marks. [put hard hat on/] Typically left by less skilled players who skip the ball in and only ever land on the front of the green and can't be bothered to walk 50' to see if they even made a ball mark. I just fix the ones I can, when I can. Overall our course has been making a push for everyone to have a little more ownership in taking care of it...ballmarks, divots, bunkers etc.....and it's better. There are still people though who can't be bothered to fix a ball mark, put
  14. Tell him to pay attention to how the pros do it, not state am champs.
  15. Some tournaments aren't worth entering in. Most of these tournaments are definitely not worth it. Sounds like sandbagging to me. It could happen once, but three times.
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