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  1. What's on your golf wish list?

    I'd love to get a set of irons that actually fit, that and an r15 driver would be cool too
  2. Which balls have you used and not liked?

    I really don't have a lot of background to say if it's my fault or what but to me it seems the callaway hex hot is more reactive to side spin on drawing /slicing compared to the callaway chrome and titleist DTs. I've only been using them for a little under a month and i've had some great 320-330yd drives with them (luck more than skill, lol) but if you're open or closed at all it seems they are a bit harder to control, mainly off the tee box.
  3. What Golf Equipment Helped You the Most?

    Finally getting lessons I feel is what attributed most to improving my scores. I'm swinging much more consistent and playing smarter...not to often I go for it from 240 out on a par five, I realized its better for me to take a birdie 60-70% of the time or at least par instead of an eagle 10-15% of the time to a probable bogey. Secondly allignment sticks and drills everyday before work got me consistent with my irons. I've golfed with my dad at outings for years but I've only been golfing seriously for 2 years, but I am really enjoying the sport and enjoy getting better round by round, so with such a limited background its hard to say equipment wise if something helped but I know for sure the cobra cell driver I won last year hits much further than my "rippa" whoever makes them lol.
  4. What is your biggest pet-peeve in Golf?

    Yes, I was just off of my own fairway. I think what aggravated me most is how often I let people play through because I know how much it takes away from enjoying the game when you have an extended wait every shot. I understand there's no way around it sometimes, but if the next group were 4 holes ahead and I constantly saw a single behind me and my girlfriend waiting shot after shot, it would take one hole for me to let them play through. This couple didn't even acknowledge I was there, and after I was respectful and waited for about 8-10 minutes for them to finish the hole, they teed off right toward me. Sorry for the rant, I've just never been that ticked off at a golf course before today.
  5. What is your biggest pet-peeve in Golf?

    Wow, I would have never guessed that. I assumed being 15 foot off my own fairway was playing off another fairway. The fairway they were teeing off was 40 yards to my left. So if I'm not on a fairway on my tee shot I am to wait until the group ahead of me hits their approach, chip, 2 putt and tee off the next box to take my second shot? I'm not trying to come off as a jerk, I hobestly didn't know if that was proper etiquette
  6. What is your biggest pet-peeve in Golf?

    I never really got bugged about much until today and I guess its along the lines of slow play/etiquette. I had an elderly couple driving to their shot on the second hole when I arrived at the 1st. I caught up to them on hole 4 teeing off as I drove up...not a word said , just got in their cart and drove to their tee shots. So I waited til their second shot and drove, pulled my drive about 15 feet left of the fairway and waited for them to finish the hole. They finished, I walked up to take my second shot and before I get to my backstroke they're teeing right into me on parallel greens. Ball whizzed right by me and when they drove by the man said "sorry, but you shouldn't be playing off another fairway when someone's teeing off...its really you're fault" I have never been so livid on a golf course in my life
  7. Scramble Cheaters

    I think these people write down the "woulda been in" shots as in. Some do just straight up lie. The worst I was in this year was -19. 2 teams had double eagles on a 560 yd par 5, even with a 330 yd drive you have a 230 down hill shot to a green surrounded with traps and a pond in front. The best was on the same course with volunteers at every hole to "greet and thank golfers for participation" or verify scores. winning score was -4...the same team that shot -17 a month earlier was +1...I guess they just had an off day.
  8. Worst Shot of the Week

    Today on a 485 yd uphill to downhill par 5 I put my 2nd shot 10' from the pin. 2 of my best shots turned into my "bad shot" or 2 bad shots, lol. First put caught the lip of the cup and did a 90 degree turn to the steep part of the green and rolled about 18' from the cup and the next shot stopped at the top of the hill leaving me 3' short. I ended up paring what would been an eagle or at worst a birdie for most golfers.
  9. Newbie in PA saying hello

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I'm still concentrating on points of my swing (left arm straight, firing my hips into my swing, follow through, etc) so it's just trying to engrave a muscle memory at this point. I use a strong grip on my driver, semi strong on woods, and almost neutral on my irons...except my sand wedge, I have to use a very strong grip for some reason. I'd like to see if I can get consistent enough to validate the cost of custom fit clubs, at 6'5" I think a bit longer shaft could really help.
  10. Hey guys, I'm beginning to enjoy golf enough to do more than 2 benefit outings a year. I've been doing 9 holes solo a good bit this summer and now looking for tips and tricks to help me get better. First things first I'll be sifting through the pages to figure out better techniques for spotting my 40 yard hook I too often send into the woods.