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  1. Hey guys, how do you hit an approach shot to the geen when the ground is hard and you cannot get under it? Is it best to take a 5 or 7 iron and chip it up or to get a wedge and try to get under it?
  2. I;m finding more and more ball marks on the green that somebody just will not or cannnot repair. Is this a lost art? And while I'm add it, so many sand traps are not raked. Don't these people know how to take care of the course they play on? Alot can be said about higher fees to play golf or maybe there should be a mandatory lesson with the golf pro to see if you know what you are doing. Germans do this and I will say it makes a difference on the course.
  3. I have to say thanks for all the input, I guess I'll just have to make a special effort to hit my irons. More time on the range instead of the course would help alot.
  4. Before I quit golf back in the 60's, I do not remember a course rating. Now they have these course ratings 100-140?. As I understand it the higher the rating the harder the course. Ok, but as a weekend golfer who is also a high handicapper, what does this mean to me? How does this affect my game if any? Or by chance is this rating system mean something only to low handicappers?
  5. Hey guys, what good is an eleven wood? Thinking about possibly buying one.
  6. This is the course I relearned to play golf after a break of 30 years. No wander I have a 26 handicap. www.woodlawngolf.com
  7. Hi, I do it all the time. I think it helps by not using a tee, at least for me.
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