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  1. uh PBR? hahah I like Blue Moon and Shock Top
  2. Sergio spit in the cup, where there were others still to finish out the whole and they could potentially get spit on their ball because of Garcia. I saw Campbell spit a lot too, but it wasn't on the greens, totally different altogether. Total form of disrespect from Sergio by spitting in the cup. The course was the same for EVERYONE, he is dumb to say it was unfair...12 under was the winning score for damn sake
  3. Free-ninety-nine I would assume
  4. My goals (just thought of them now) 1) Win third club championship at long time home course 2 & 3) Win club championship at new courses I joined this year 4) Win over $2000 in book money playing various amateur tournaments and men's club events 5) Shoot 66 (my low is 67) 6) Qualify for US AM! (yikes)
  5. Shingo is an absolute star in Japan, he doesn't need to play on the PGA
  6. Perry was an extreme class act in his interviews after the round. He is a great golfer, and is by no means an "average player" on tour, he's 3rd on the money list! lol But with that said, the thing that surprised me the most about Kenny being in contention and having the lead is that fact that he ONLY hits it right to left. At Augusta, like all other courses, you need to be able to hit a cut! That is why his ball went SOO far left on the 2nd playoff hole, sidehill lie + draw swing = mucho left! If Angel would have hit a draw to the spot his ball landed on the 2nd playoff hole it probably would not have stayed on the green, but he hit a high cut and it landed softly. Shotmaking it crucial.
  7. Yes and yes. No ball has EVER stayed where his ball did on 12, but things were going his way and the golf Gods were behind him that week. I also agree. Tiger's ricochet didn't end up in THAT BAD of a spot, all he had to do was the clear the tree, which seemed far enough away, and he hit a nice shot in. Cabrera simply capitalized on his fortune and made an awesome up and down from the fairway. Sure, he got a favorable break, but Kenny Perry still lost the tournament
  8. Phil has definitely lost a lot of weight, but like everyone has said, he shouldnt be wearing that type of outfit.
  9. Ever since Sergio spit in the cup a year or so ago I lost respect for him, and I used to be a huge fan. What a ****in crybaby. If you're flying under the radar, then play better and people won't forget about you. Mudballs, OMG
  10. Quick putting test for everyone. Go to your hardware store and get a chalk line and chalk. Find a COMPLETELY FLAT spot on a green, have someone help you make the chalk line. It should be about 8-10 feet. Make sure the line (if you have one) on the putter corresponds to the chalk line. Now putt a ball along the line, keeping your head down and NOT looking at where the ball stops for a few seconds post impacts. Putt about 5 like this and assess your tendencies. If all of them are on the line, you have a solid stroke.
  11. wow. really?
  12. Wow this thread EXPLODED
  13. Try and find ball fitting venues at local ranges or courses. There is a Bridgestone ball fitting day at Tacoma Firs this weekend I believe.
  14. My bracket is done-zo