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  1. Hey all, Im relatively new to the game and not suprisingly am having some issues with my driver. As I understand with the driver you want to be hitting the ball with the club going upward in comparison to irons which you hit on the downswing. My problem is that I seem to only be able to either hit the driver coming in-to-out but clipping the ball so that it goes straight with little to no distance or I hit the ball on the upswing but its out-to-in causing a horrible slice. I guess my question is what can I do in my swing to help promote an in to out swing that wont cause me to top the ball with my driver. Thanks!
  2. Hey all this is my first post here. I picked up my first golf club in about 10 years a couple months ago and while ive seen progress in my game, one area that seems to be getting steadily worse is my drives. I constantly sky the ball and make impact with the crown of the driver head. When I try to make adjustments I usually get the opposite effect which is a ball that hops along for 30 yards or so. Ive seen alot of people suggest lowering the tee but this has not made any improvement and considering how big a 460 cc driver is it has to be pretty high up to hit the sweet spot and not hit it fat. If it helps to no anymore I also tend to hit it off the toe of the driver as well. Anyway if any of you have ever gone through this and arent anymore id appreciate some advice. Thanks!