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  1. What do you think are the most important tournaments?

    Wikipedia you say ... the American based website ... ah well there you go then. The British Media refer to the one played in Britain as "The Open" because that is its name. http://www.opengolf.com/ The one played in USA is called "The US Open" again, funnily enough, because that is its name. http://www.usopen.com/en_US/index.html Look at the websites, read them and learn something. Then start to realise that the rest of the world does not revolve around what happens in the USA!!!!! I have steam coming out of my ears!!!
  2. What do you think are the most important tournaments?

    1. The Open 2. The Masters 3. The US Open 4. The US PGA 5. Melton Mowbray Club Championship (this year has got to be mine!) PS, I am not familiar with tournaments called "The British" or "The British Open"
  3. Tiger Woods will never regain golf dominance

    Tiger is going to drop to 5th or 6th in the World Rankings this week depending on how well Luke Donald does.The top 10 will be something like this: 1 Lee Westwood 2 Martin Kaymer 3 Graeme McDowell 4 Phil Mickelson 5 Luke Donald 6 Tiger Woods 7 Paul Casey 8 Rory McIlroy 9 Matt Kuchar 10 Steve Stricker
  4. Tiger Woods will never regain golf dominance

    Is that it ... the BBC needs to get a grip sometimes
  5. Tiger Woods will never regain golf dominance

    I know this is slightly off topic, but I am curious as to what swear word he used on the Golf Channel interview yesterday after his defeat. They wont say it on the BBC as it is not broadcastable for our pure English ears!! Cheers EM
  6. Tiger's giant spitwad

    There is a big cultural divide between Europe and USA on this. Spitting is kind of acceptable from what I can tell in the US, although definitely not on the green. In Europe, especially the UK, spitting is seen as the act of a neanderthal. If anyone did it at my club, they would be escorted off the premises without their feet touching the ground. I see he has now tweeted that he is sorry ... as if anyone actually cares whether he is sorry or not
  7. Westwood out of Players Championship...........

    McIlroy's tweet today: For everyone who is interested, the reason I'm not playing TPC this year is because I've never thought the golf course has set up that well for me. Hence 2 missed cuts in 2 years. I have no sort of vendetta against Tim Finchem or the PGA Tour, I love playing in the US and have always found the people very welcoming. I'm sure one day I'll join the PGA tour again, but right now I want to put all my efforts into Europe and the race to Dubai. Hope this clears a few things up! Not "political crap" ...
  8. Tiger is now #3 in world

    Tim Clark ... from the famous European country of ... South Africa. Blimey if you are going to try to put us Europeans down then at least get your facts straight. I know most Americans struggle with geography outside of the good ol' US of A ... but South Africa is 6000 miles from Europe!
  9. Tiger is now #3 in world

    Fedex Cup is a lottery. It is not a measure of the best player on the PGA tour, just ridiculous end to the seaon to maintain the short attention span of most of the US golf viewers ...a few of the European players said they were bored by it ....
  10. Tiger is now #3 in world

    I think we will see the trends of Europe rising, whilst America falls, and the ROW remaining relatively constant, continuing for the foreseeable future.I expect Europe to have the Top 5 golfers by the end of the year (Westwood; Kaymer; McDowell; McIlroy; and one from Casey; Poulter; Donald). Not sure USA will even have on in Top 10 (Furyk and Stricker are over the hill; Mickleson is completely out of form and Tiger needs to win loads just to maintain his position). Given the way the World Rankings work, I reckon Tiger will finish the year around #10 - #15 in the world.
  11. Westwood out of Players Championship...........

    Lol ... most people here would pimp their Grandmother out in order to have Lee Westwood's swing for a day. This thread is just perpetuating the USA kicking Europe theme that is a recurring undercurrent on this website ... don't get me wrong I love America and Americans (I lived there for three years) ... I just wish the feeling was reciprocated more habitually ...
  12. Kodak Playsport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera

    I know this is off-topic and not trying to rain on buyer or sellers parade, but I wanted to get some opinions on this camera. I got bought one for Christmas - mainly so that I could record videos of new-born daughter for Grandparents!!, but I want to also use it record golf swing. I have read the various articles and threads on the subject - which were really informative. They appear to indicate that Casio is the brand to go for due to fps. However is the 720p 60fps "good enough" - I am not sure I can be bothered to go through the whole Amazon returns process.
  13. When is it too cold to stop playing golf?

    Hey MSDOGS1976 - is that a black labby I spy in your dp?
  14. When is it too cold to stop playing golf?

    Just been down the driving range. Was -5C (23F). Some of the balls had ice on them. Fingers were numb after 40ish balls. Still striking them pretty well and needed to get out the house - going a bit cabin feverish!!