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  1. Couple of questions answered. 1. My woods all have the same shaft. 2. The ball is placed slightly behind my left heel(Rhander) in my stance. Early on I used to tee it a bit forward to combat topping the ball. 3. Just ballparking it, but it seems at the apex of ball flight the ball is around 65+ ft in the air, however it climbs rapidly. I need to get borrow a launch monitor to get some real numbers 4. The de-loft adjustment did help as I can get some roll out on the ball outside of of what I normally carry. If I were to hit the old setup, the ball would be co
  2. Just curious guys. I've been playing bi-weekly for the past 6 months. I've noticed that I've started to switch to my 3 wood on more par 4's and 5's ....in which I used to use my driver. My main driver SLDR 10.5 R-Flex, just produces too much vertical ball flight now. The hits are dead center with the driver. Is there something that I did that caused that? Current ball is a Titleist NXT Tour.
  3. Total opposites, but its a tie between Gary Player and John Daly. Gary because he is a stand up guy, and John because he didn't give a $hit what others thought of him.
  4. My name is ******* and my drink of choice when I'm at home is Pabst Blue Ribbon. <quietly self loathe my sponsor decision while I cash the check>
  5. My first ever round that I played was with a few senior golfers. The age gap was 40 years. If anything, they instilled the fact that you can suck at golf yet still go out and have fun.....even you take 8 strokes on a par 3. I've never really had any issues with them. The nicest comment was when I was at the driving range and guy obviously way over 65 came up to me and said "Jeeze son, I got to tell you that you hit that 3 hybrid farther than I can hit my dang driver!"
  6. Question for knowledgeable folks. On one or two occasions, I have hit a rock while extracting a ball from the rough. It's noticeable on my 6 iron, as there is a deep gouge on the sole. If I take a sanding disk to the club to eventually buff it out, am I at risk for screwing up the original sole grind on my club? I though about filling the area with clear epoxy and then smoothing it out.
  7. I have 3 spots in my bag that rotate out. I do not carry a 4 or 7 iron with me most of the time and the 5H swaps places with the 3H.
  8. Hey guys, I purchased my first set of Vokey wedges about 2 months ago. I've got a 54 deg F grind(14 bounce) and a 58 deg K grind(11 bounce). Both have served me well. However, there is a noticeable problem when playing greenside flop shots within 20ft of the pin. The 58 degree wedge with it's face all the way open will not pop up the ball in "fluffy" grass since the grind an bounce won't let it. The 54 will do it, but the ball arc the club produces is shallow(turns into a bump and run)...even with a half swing. Being that I am a digger, and my wedges are "digger" friendly....wh
  9. This is how I chose my putter. I went to golfsmith and tried almost every brand, I literally had no budget. I assumed that I would end up with a Scotty Cameron, but I could never get used to them. The Ping Tomcat C felt the best in my hands. It might not be the "best choice" for me, does what I want it to.
  10. No topped driver shots. I don't care if I slice the darn thing. I'm through with topping the ball.
  11. Just got my set of SM5 Vokey Wedges. Took em to the pitching greens and was totally blown away. @ $109 per club, it was a good deal.
  12. Unless I am playing with anyone else besides family or myself....I don't keep score
  13. I've got a paper due for a grad level Environmental Pollution class. While I have till the end of the year to research and turn it in....for those that work at courses or know people who are in the industry.... are they generally forthcoming in what they do/use to keep their courses in tip top shape. I'm not looking to do an expose on bad course management, but more of a paper on how the industry works. Should I approach course superintendents or will they show me the door(trade secrets??)
  14. I'm on the phone with PING....so I'll let you guys know what happened.
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