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  1. Just got a ndmc midsize on a wedge. I have large hands and have never thought about grips so I thought what the hell. Plus it hurts when my fingers dig into my palm and I'm sick of that. Will be trying out tomorrow Will be trying
  2. Who else is injured right now and addicted to golf?

    I hope it went well. What caused it?
  3. Your favorite snack chip?

    I very rarely eat any chips outside of a situation where I've been hungry for an extended amount of time and don't see myself eating food anytime soon. Having said that, if I had to pick one, it would be jalapeno/cheesy bugles if those even exist. Maybe I'm confusing that with something else.
  4. Rory McIlroy Omega Commercial: PGA

    I still find the creeper with Spieth commercial humorous. Never been a fan of the Omega one. It's slightly corny for my tastes.
  5. Bad attitude, bad behavior, bad day golfing.

    At some local course, I started off pretty hot by my standards, and this carried through the front 9. Starting on 10, I can't explain what changed, but it's like I've never swung a club before. I posted my two worst holes of the round on 10 and 11. Got to 12, hit a decent drive, then I just couldn't move the ball more than 20 yards. Frustrated, I kept whacking it, walking up to it, whacking it again, swinging harder each successive time. By this point, I'm angrier than I can remember being in recent memory at anything. I'm typically very mild tempered by nature, so this came out of nowhere. I'm gripping my club with both hands hard as ever, ready to make it pay. I couldn't do that to something I paid for, so I loudly exclaim my displeasure with some language and helicopter my club with everything I have. I walked to get it and bring it back to the cart to help cool down and go home. Good thing I wasn't with friends. No one wants to put up with that shit
  6. Who else is injured right now and addicted to golf?

    I remember I hurt my left wrist a month ago, I felt like I was going crazy. Couldn't lift weights or swing a club, two of my favorite activities. OP, I feel for you. Maybe chip and putt course one handed if you're desperate?