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  1. I'm guilty of the same thing. You're not alone. I just love golf so much, all I want to do is to be a very good player. I work my ass off to get better and my game has come MILES. I don't think that there is a better feeling than a well struck golf shot. I chase that feeling every time that I set up for a shot and grip my club. Nothing better...
  2. Yes. I need to take it out and just hit something else off the tee.
  3. I agree with you. Who the heck is Matt Jones??
  4. I never was a big Tiger fan...I'm 46, so I've watched him play since he turned pro. Having said that, I would never wish ill on anyone, so I never rooted against him. I think it's sad the way his game is in the toilet. But with all of the new and up and coming players, it's easy to watch fabulous golf!
  5. I don't think that I could hit my driver straight if my life depended on it. Snap hook. Violent push..180-200 yards. I hit all of my other clubs well, but I'm about to give up on my driver...
  6. I'm a bit tired of Faldo, McCord and Baker-Finch. I mute my tv.
  7. Do you think Tiger is done with his career?
  8. I'm a personal injury and criminal defense attorney
  9. He's a class act. I think This Major will go to Day or Rose.