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  1. To golfers who score in the 70s - What's your story?

    Im glad to share my story. My name is Matt and I am 30 years old. I started playing when i was 8. By the time I was in high school i was consistently shooting in the upper 70's, once i graduated I was shooting par or under. I had offers to play college golf at Ohio State, Notre Dame, Otterbien, Virginia Tech ( Im from souther ohio). I didnt take these offers because I did not like the whole staying on campus, being away from everyone i knew, all that sort of thing, as i am not the most sociable person. However i continued to play all the time afterwards in loval tournaments, scrambles, 2-man best ball, etc.. In 2008 I was in the 2nd round of the U.S. Open Qualifier when i got hurt at work and had to miss. (eye injury) This happened and it took away from my game as my vision was altered in my left eye. I do continue to play as i have regained my vision back and am starting to get back to where i was. I now have 2 children and only get to play every other weekend which makes my chances of trying to pursue this game slim to none...now onto keeping your scores low.. ' My mentality is simeple 1. I try to birdie the par 3's, and the par 5's, also any par 4 under 415! ( reason for this is...only takes 1 shot on the par 3, and you can hit 1 bad shot on par 5's, still with a chance to birdie ) 2. My "bad" shots really arent that bad. when i miss a green, or a fairway, its very rare im in trouble.. check your surrounding and the surrounding area of where your intended shot is headed..if your going to miss ask yourself this question. Am I better off missing left, right, short, or long? If the answer is long, make sure you got enough club to KNOW you will not be short...vise versa 3. focus on your short game, shots are gained on the putting surface. 10ft you would like to have a 70-75% make rate. and missing anything inside 3 ft is ALL mental. easiest shot in the game is a 3ft putt.. straight back and straight through. And Finally swing loose, and take the time through the week to get yourself out on the range, spend time hitting balls. 1 key is using the same club the entire bucket..if you pull 7 iron on the range, hit that 7 iron til your out of golf balls.