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  1. Help. Too many sets.

    Thanks Tee2Trees!! Your spot on. Calloways were my late fathers , so enjoy hitting them. Just so much offset!! Pings are mint condition, so more of a collectors piece of kit. As for the Slingshots, hit them well , with confidence and know my distances..just the stick I get with them being game improvement clubs. Should I be hitting blades or newer equipment with my handicap?!! Get loads of comments from other players but they fly straight....!!
  2. Help. Too many sets.

    Thanks guys. Off to the range on Friday with buckets of balls it is then!!
  3. Morning all. I play off a 12 handicap. I keep changing my equipment and it's ruining my golf!! I want to stick to one set but can't decide which ones. My driver and woods/hybrid are fine(G30, jet speed and titliest 910H). Iron sets are switched between Calloway big Bertha 2002 models, Ping Zings (beryllium copper) and Nike slingshots Oss. Calloways are favourite but old, Pings are ok but purchased only because they won't make anymore! Nikes are great to hit but really for beginners? Any ideas? Or new set ?? Thanks guys.
  4. Morning everyone. Just joined forum and it's my first post. Need advice...I play calloway 2002 big Bertha irons steel regular shafts. Keep thinking to upgrade but these are my late fathers and play well with them. Don't hit them miles but know my yardages (140 yds with 8 iron). Is it worth me upgrading to newer set? Love the big Bertha chunky look at address and the offset. I have a set of mizuno t zoid true irons, brand new in garage waiting for me to give them a try also. As you can see I like the older clubs. Was looking at ping eye2 or zings....any ideas? Thanks guys.