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  1. Yep, i'm sure PING knows and my favorite golfstore/customfitter!
  2. I am looking at PING G410 irons but I am unsure of what shaft to go for. (I will do a custom fitting eventually, but nice to get some input from the forum first.) I play graphite today (i210, regular flex) and I suspect graphite is best for me. But I see there are three different graphite to choose from (at least at my preferred golf store): * ALTA CB RED * UST Recoil 760 ES * UST Recoil 780 ES Can anyone enlighten me about these? Thanks!
  3. In one word: great! Hitting 180 yards without any effort is fantastic. Should have done this a long time ago
  4. Thanks @boogielicious, I will!
  5. Thanks @boogielicious for the advice. Did it take a long time for you to improve? (I know it's individual but anyway.) Do you still use that as part of your practice routine?
  6. @ncates00 I agree that my ball striking is not good enough. But what you're saying is: don't practice on mats? @Cantankerish Yup, all shots are pretty good from mats...
  7. Hi, recently I've been hitting my irons poorly from fairway. Duffs, tops, also hitting the ball "all over" the club face. But on the driving range, I can hit bucket after bucket with almost no bad shots. (And fairway woods shors are pretty good from both mat and grass.) I know that the mat "hides" bad shots, especially duffs, but is there any drill I can do on the mats? It's not easy to find a driving range that allows you to play from grass where I live. Or can this be a mental thing? When going from practice to play? Any advice is welcome!
  8. I've got the 7-wood now! First impression is that it is so much easier to hit than a long iron. I'm still working on getting the shots where I want, but the distance is very close to my 4-iron, so that is exactly what I need, The only thing I'm afraid of is the effect of wind, as it goes much higher than the 4-iron. All in all, this look very promising :-)
  9. @ncates00 Thanks for your reply, but the swing path wasn't my problem. Question was about very variable face angle, and what happens to lag if I concentrate on passive wrists.
  10. Hi, I had a trackman session yesterday with my pro, and the major problem was face angle. It varied between closed and open, everything from +5 to -5 degrees. (Swing path pretty consistent around 0 degrees ) The pro was pretty sure that this indicated that I was too "handsy", and when I tried my wrists to be more passive it did help. Now, my question is: how can I have passive wrists but still get a good lag? (I have always had a weak lag, I'm a swinger not a hitter.) I feel like I need to be active with my hands to be able to trap the ball and get a good attack angle (talking about irons now), but that is maybe a misunderstanding? Thanks for any input!
  11. @SiamSerpent Thanks, this really helps! And I agree that the 3-wood rolls out. I guess it's supposed to do. So if the 10 yards is only carry, I understand.
  12. @SiamSerpent: I use i20 irons (about 6 years old now). So there isn't more difference than 10 yards between your 3-wood and 7-wood?
  13. Thanks for your reply @SiamSerpent! May I ask what distance you hit compared to for example your 4-iron? Yes, I am planning to replace my 4-iron 😊 Or, compare to the G400 3-wood (if you have that). (I hit my 4-iron 175 yards and the 3-wood 210 yards.)
  14. Hi! Anyone has experience with the Ping G400 7-wood and tried both SFT and standard? I see that the SFT has 22 degrees loft and the standard 20.5, what is the reason for that? I have both the G400 driver and 3-wood in the SFT version, and I love them both. I see that the 7-wood is available as standard where I live, but the SFT isn't (I guess they are pushing the G410 now). Anyway, any thoughts?
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