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  1. Thanks @billchao and @iacas. Make sense what you're saying. Then I'll just continue to try to hit up on the ball with my driver
  2. Hi! I've read many places that average attack angle for drives by PGA Tours is down on the ball (about -1 degree I believe). Then why do most (if not all) instructors teach us ordinary golfers to hit up on the ball with the driver? Just curious...
  3. Thanks for all your answers. I ended up buying the 3-wood without custom fitting, and so far so good
  4. @GolfLug: would laying off the shaft result in coming more from the inside?
  5. Thanks @Cubiedubie for your reply! I certainly understand what you mean by focusing on the right wrist (I guess it's called cupping). What I do is trying to tuck my elbow in against my body (not completely though). That makes my left wrist bowed. And I also agree on the positve effects on the ball flight. Lower, longer and (in my case) push-draw. When I succeed that is; it's not that easy in the beginning 😊
  6. Hi, I've been experimenting with bowing the left wrist at top of the backswing, and it would be nice to discuss what it really means for the shot. I know it helps getting leading hands, and I guess also closing the clubface. But I have the feeling it also affects the swing path. When I do this successfully I get a notable push (and a nice draw to match it). So what is really the "mechanical" consequences of bowing the left wrist? Thanks for any insight!
  7. @boogielicious My driver has the stock (I guess) Alta CB. Regular flex.
  8. Hi! This spring I custom fitted and bought a PING G400 driver and it was very successful Now I'm looking at a G400 3-wood. Do I need a custom fitting for that? Thanks for any input!
  9. @Typhoon92 I definitely agree that there is more to it than the Trackman numbers. Just that my experience from custom fitting is that the numbers were the only basis for selecting a club and shaft...
  10. Hi! I am planning to buy a new driver for the next season. Now, I know my Trackman numbers pretty well (swing speed, swing path, club face angle, launch angle etc). I also know my typical faults with the driver. Question is: how important is it to do a custom fitting when I know all that? Last time I bought a driver, I did a custom fitting and it was very much like "Trackman says this, so you need a shaft/loft/etc like that" etc. Or would the numbers really vary a lot between different drivers? (I am going to test them out for the feel, it's just the full fitting I am unsure about.) I assume there is no yes/no-answer to this, but it would be good to get some input. Thanks!
  11. Yeah, the DLX material is probably more durable. I did see one thing in a review at mygolfspy.com: the old DLX only has 5 full-length dividers. Then the reviewers say: "The 5 full length dividers do a surprisingly good job of minimizing club binding." Could anyone comment on that?
  12. Hi, I am looking for a new cart bag and I really liked the Ping Pioneer 2017. Now, I saw one online shop that sells the Ping DLX 2016 at 33% discount, making it less expensive than the Pioneer 2017. Could anyone please advice if the DLX is so much better than Pioneer, that it "justifies one model year"? Thanks in advance!
  13. @Marty2019 I think you are very spot-on in your digression. I will try to find out how my practice error rate compares to on the course. I suspect I have the classic problem of good-on-the-range but not under "pressure" on the course. Thanks for all input. Great forum this!
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