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  1. There is a gentleman at my local range that spends much of his time smoking cigarettes and asking nearby players to watch his swing and point out problems. He won't interrupt a swing, but he is ready as soon as you take a break.
  2. Here's hoping the division stays weak because Dallas has an uphill battle offensively.
  3. I play alone if no one is available to play along. Its kind of nice to take in a casual round and just enjoy the scenery.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I have a harder time properly connecting with a hybrid or fairway wood than with irons.
  5. Thanks for the book suggestions. Looking forward to checking some of them out.
  6. Slow motion keeping my left arm straight and my right arm bent at 90 degrees during backswing
  7. Practiced weight forward swinging, 1/2 swings with 9, PW & SW and keeping arms tight to body
  8. Whatever... It was a great tournament. Good to see the new breed making names for themselves.
  9. 5 min. slow swings and pump drill