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  1. I went from a 16 handicap to a little under a 12, so I definitely would say I'm a better golfer. This year I really want to get my GIR up to around 7 per round and somehow figure out how to reduce the frequency of double bogeys or worse. It seems like I always card one per 9.
  2. If you're in Jersey, have any recommendations for a good instructor?
  3. I'm a 13 handicap and really very pleased with where my game is right now. I started playing two years ago. Year 1 I think I broke 100 once. Year 2, I was regularly in the 95-105 range, then I took a few lessons and really improved. So far this year, I've lowered my handicap 5 strokes and I just posted my all time low score of 80 my last time out. That last round has me fantasizing about consistently shooting in the 70s. What I'm worried about is that I feel like it took awhile to digest the lessons from last season. I really don't want to entirely overhaul, but I would love to get more consistent. What do you guys think?
  4. You look like you can hit a pitching wedge 200 yards.
  5. Hit a PW on 18 to about 4 feet from 125 yards out. Of course I missed the putt.
  6. I don't know why I continue to do this, but it causes major problems with both my driver and my irons. I tend to pull my irons. When I do this with the driver I end up with a terrible duck hook that just keeps going left. When I try to set up the clubface open (what is probably in fact square), I feel very uncomfortable but I end up hitting much better shots, especially with the driver. When I feel like I am going to slice the ball with my driver, I end up hitting great shots (at least great for me). Anyone have any drills or tips to consistently set the clubface in the correct position at address?
  7. I play alone a bunch too and have the exact same problem. I also hate hitting into the sun as it sets.
  8. Do you think cutting down the length of the driver will help? I'm short (5'5) and the driver is stock. I think the shaft is 45". So bend the knees less and bend forward from the hips more?
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: less than a year My current handicap index or average score is: +/- 100 My typical ball flight is: draw/hook The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: duck hook I just got back into golf after about a 10-15 year hiatus. My short game needs a lot of work but I have seen improvement. My biggest issue has been avoiding penalties off the tee. I can do that hitting 5 iron but my long irons are erratic and I have a lot of difficulty hitting woods and hybrids I has battling a terrible duck hook with the driver and woods. I believe I somewhat solved it at the range last night. Apparently, I was severely closing the club face at address. Opening it up seemed to help a lot. I'd appreciate some insight. I will try to get a face on video shortly. Videos:
  10. This is a great thread. I started getting back into golf this year after a very long hiatus, and my first few rounds had a whole lot picking up short putts, not counting penalties, mulligans and basically lying to myself about my score. I started practicing at the range and playing 9 holes once a week and started noticing massive improvements, especially once I stopped keeping score. My last two times out I shot a 99 and 102, but that was putting out every hole, counting my penalties and no mulligans. Now at least I know that I am a terrible putter (seven and six 3 putts respectively) and that I am doing a much better job of keeping the ball in play. Lying to myself and telling people that I shoot in the 80s isn't going to improve my game, but actually knowing where my game is at so I can address my flaws is what is going to help me improve. BTW, I just picked a number for my handicap. I don't even know what mine is at this point.
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