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  1. Just wanted to say hello as a new member of the golf community. Seems like a great site to stay abreast with the game. Good tidings to all those seeking to get the ball in the short stuff. Ben Behr
  2. I have a buddy raving about a book he bought on iBooks called The Golfer Mindset by Warren St. Peter. He boasted about how he was going to kick my butt when he passed through while on vacation. I know nothing about the book, but after the two rounds I managed to play with my buddy, I was astounded by the improvement in his performance. He was only gone for a month and the quality of his play was unbelievably improved. Is there anyone that is aware of this book or can make comment on it? I believe iBooks lets you read parts of a book before purchase, but I will have to investigate that. I would appreciate any comments about the book or anything someone may have heard about it.
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