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  1. ted dibiase

    Was I a jerk?

    I would hate to hear what you would have to say about some of my on course antics. That barely scratches the surface of rude.
  2. I could argue about everything and anything. I may have some pivot, but it definitely isn't what I'm thinking about. Putting more weight on your leading foot actually decreases your ability to pivot. It puts you in the impact position before you even take a back swing. You probably flubbed your shots because you decelerated before impact... Finish high if you want the ball to go high. Finish low if you want the ball to go low. My bro, a 2 time club champ, uses his 8 with great success when he is on the frog hair. I have better luck with my 52* or 56*. I need some practice on the 8. I got up and down 10 times on Sunday and 8 times on Saturday. All of my chips were within 10'. My playing partners told me that they were salivating over my short game... My golf instructors best attribute is his short game...
  3. you probably aren't finishing your swing. Make sure that in your follow through pose your right elbow and shoulder are the closest things to the target. That is a pretty good indicator that you have actually gotten your torso through the impact zone.
  4. Obviously there are a million different ways to get the club face to make contact with the ball. I only offered up what you could do to eliminate shanking it. I would still argue that there shouldn't be a pivot on a chip. Maybe a pitch, but definitely not a chip. By "setting the angle" you are just insuring that you are keeping your hands in front of the club face. That is definitely a key to chipping. I think it would be really hard to pivot when I am chipping... You don't need the extra power. You don't need the additional moving parts. I'm not sure how a pivot would help.
  5. there really isn't much of a pivot when you are chipping. Are you talking about pitching? When you chip try to eliminate as much movement out of your body as possible. That in turn eliminates many things that could go wrong. Try to swing with only your arms, keep the club face pointed at the target the whole time, keep your lower body silent, and don't try to get too cute.
  6. I'm partial to the AP2's but I also liked the Mizuno MP-52's. Find a demo day somewhere and attend.
  7. I use my 60* all over the place. I hit it about 60 yards, I like to pitch with it around the greens and in deep rough, I can chip with it around the greens and keep it really low. I use it so much that I wonder sometimes if I'm missing out by not using my 56* or my 52* around the greens.
  8. the suckers are to blame just as much as the people selling them.
  9. Are you related to Tom Sizemore? Not the actor but a dude in his late 30's that now lives in the Ville?
  10. trust me, I'm a 5.4 handicap, it matters.
  11. I think I need to see a pic of this girl before I can give any sound advice.
  12. 100 yards and in is where the majority of golf strokes occur. It really doesn't matter much what you do before that unless you are incurring a lot of penalties. Surely you guys can hit your longer clubs inside 100 yards of the green... When you say your short game is solid, I'm guessing it really isn't. If you have a solid short game, you are chipping/pitching within 10' of the hole and then sinking the majority of those putts. If you aren't doing that, your short game isn't solid.
  13. I'll take one Gulbis with a side of Creamer. Wait, what are we talking about?
  14. They look beautiful! One thing I don't like about my ap2's is that there is too much going on on the back of the club. These are simple but it appears that they have weight in the right places and probably have a thin top line. I want! Send them to me!!!
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