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  1. AP2 or Apex?

    Yeah think I'll give the AP1s a go too. I'm scared I'll hit those better than the AP2s... :-D
  2. AP2 or Apex?

    The local range doesn't stock Mizuno, but I fancied changing brand anyway after playing mizunos for a few years. I might go further afield to test them though.
  3. AP2 or Apex?

    Just won an accumulator bet at the weekend so I’m going to treat myself to a new set of irons. I play 2-3 times a week and play off 14. I currently have a set of Mizuno JPX800s and want to step up to hit some players’ irons. I’ve been at the range trying the Titleist AP2s and Callaway Apex Pro. There’s not a lot to separate them in my eyes other than that I love the way the AP2s look. I’m also aware that the new 716 line of AP2s are due out soon. I hit the ball fairly high and long, with a fast swing. I’m leaning towards the AP2s but I’ve read that the Callaways are more forgiving and longer. Anyone got a set of either with some advice/recommendations? I’m going to have a fitting session but would like to get some info from people that have the clubs. Thanks in advance.