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  1. these are the closest to chocolate potato chips I've had
  2. so what is it. personally i like original ruffles and my sister likes grippos and my dad likes pringles and my mom doesn't like chips
  3. also i have a two iron in my bag. i had a funny conversation with my instructor about it instructor: he is attempting to hit a two iron me: yup i like my long irons instructor: best thing that could happen is you losing that club yes i still hit my 2 iron. i mainly use it out of the rough on a long hole or whenever i can't hit my 3 wood its one of these
  4. when i use my 68 wedge i am usually on the edge of the green and hit it really soft so i don't hit it too far and then end up short.....but its kinda funny when you hit it off a tee at the driving range you hit the roof every time. although i like it a lot out of the sand
  5. would anybody use this wedge for play or is it just fun for practice or at the range? when i play i have a 68* wedge in my bag although i have to hit it hard to get it anywhere
  6. i hate it when i just can't hit it straight
  7. i bought a driving iron yesterday and it was in pretty good condition, re-gripped, and graphite shaft and was only $8. anybody seen or used this club, just wondering if i got a good deal. i'll post a link to the video.
  8. i have seen a lot of fancy putters with weird heads, weights, alignment help. and was wondering: do we really need this to putt? i'm not saying its bad or useless but when my grandpa was playing they probably used something like this and couldn't anyone putt the same as with this the alignment help i can see, but are the weights really necessary?
  9. the one i saw on ebay earlier was bought. and the zero iron i have seen by bang golf has a loft of 11 degrees the reason i didn't want that one is because its not easy to find
  10. i want to get a zero iron.... yeah its kinda weird but i like strange golf clubs and the zero iron is at the top of my golf club list. anybody know any company that makes one or a vintage one for sale somewhere
  11. i just like the look of graphite better and thought it would perform better because of the higher price
  12. what type of shaft do you use for your irons graphite or steel, and how does it do for distance i have steel shafted irons and cannot compare to graphite irons because i have never used them
  13. nike just released a vapor fly pro 2 iron with a loft of 17 degrees or a 3 iron with 19 degrees of loft. both are available separate
  14. anybody ever made mashed potatoes with them purple potatoes? if so what did it taste like? (this might be a strange question but i didn't know where else to ask this)
  15. ha me to....that and i shank it at the same time