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  1. Here is a link to a thread I started a few months ago about an incidence here in Utah. http://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...e!!?highlight=
  2. My front yard is only about 30 yards across but i practice chipping across it no problem. As what was mentioned about if you are just chipping it shouldn't be a problem, pitching on the other hand could get scarry. The last couple of weeks my 7 year old daughter and a couple other of the neighbor kids have had fun with me doing chipping contests. I use regular balls but make the kids use practice wiffle balls for safety. We see who can be the first to chip a ball into a buckett filled with water. I bought a bag of candy bars and the "winner" gets a treat. The kids just love it and I have had f
  3. I just read two golf/mystery books that I realy enjoyed. The name of the books are "A Tight Lie" and "Water Hazzard" by Don Dahler. They are about a PGA tour player named "Huckleberry Dyle" who although he struggles on the tour he moonlights as a Private Investigator. Very intertaining and some good insight to what PGA players go though.I was suprised you could mix golf and mystery but Don Dahler did a great job. I hope there will be more books in this series about "Huck Dyle" I just started a book by Rick Reilly called "Missing Links". It is hilarious, I can't stop laughing as I read it.
  4. This happened this weekend at a course here in Utah. http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid;=10990613 Anybody else seen or been involved in a argument that turned out like this? Mark
  5. I broke the head of my three wood last night, the shaft snapped right were it comes out of the head. It is a cheap club that came with the set I bought a couple years ago. I know I could take it to a golf pro shop to get it fixed but i would like to try doing it myself. How do i go about doing it? What is the best way to get all the carbon fiber out of the head? Can i just trim the shaft and use the same shaft? Mark
  6. Trying to update my cheap set with better equipment. I have decided to start with my short game first. I am getting a new putter this weekend (Taylormade Rosa Bolero) and my next project will be my wedges. Right know all I have is a pitching wedge and a cheap 56 deg (med bounce) sand wedge. I have been using the sand wedge for most my chips and pitches under 50 yards and am becoming better with it. I want to replace the SW with a better wedge though and also get a gap and a lob wedge. I have though about the 60 degree wedge but at my level (just getting to where i can break 100) is the 60 de
  7. No a 60 deg wedge is probley going to pretty hard for me to to hit. I am probley better off staying with a lob and a sand for now.
  8. Right now all I have is a PW and a cheap sand wedge. I want to get two new wedges a Gap wedge of about 52 deg and a 56 or58 degree sand wedge. Should I get the same bounce for both these wedges or get different bounces? I am more of a sweeper than a digger and my home course has pretty hard ground and packed sand traps. Should I get both of them in a lower bounce or should I get the sand wedge in a 10 or higher bounce and the Gap Wedge at about 6? I have thought about also getting a 60deg Lob wedge at with a lower bounce. Mark
  9. I am having a hard time understanding how the bounce on wedges help you or hurt you in certain situations. Right know the only wedge I have (other than a pitching wedge is a cheap Sandwedge that I think has a bounce of around 11. I want to replace it with something better as well as get a 52 deg gap wedge and a 60 deg wedge. Should I get the same amount of bounce on all of these clubs? I tend to be a sweaper and don't take a real big diviot on my wedge shots. Should I get a sand wedge with a higher bounce to help me in the sand then get a lower bounce on my lob and 60deg wedge? Mark
  10. I want to start upgrading my starter set with new clubs and bag over the next six months. I have decided to start with my short game first and work back up to my driver. I want to upgrade to something decent but I need to watch my budget. I am getting an award though my work in the next month that will be a 200-300 dollar gift certificate to a store of my choice. I am planning on a Dick's sports, Golf Galaxy or one of the local golf stores. My plan is to use this money (and a hundred or so of my own) for a new putter and some new wedges. The new putter I have pretty much picked out. It's bet
  11. I have been doing the same thing with my 6 year old daughter. We will go mid week and try to get the last tee time for the day. That way we can take our time and don't have to worry about groups behind us. We run out of daylight some times but she thinks it is really cool to play in the dark. I am suprised at who much those yellow Spongebob golf balls glow in the dark :). Mark
  12. From what I have heard on this website and others is that is was actually filmed last fall. Mark
  13. I have been playing with cheap Walmart Beta TI golf balls as I have a high handicap and have been losing balls left and right (well mostly right ). I have been getting better at my game, broke 100 a week ago and have improved my ball striking although my improved short game is what saved me. I want to upgrade to better ball. What do you guys suggest? What is a good ball that is under $25 for a dozen? I still have control issues and have been trying to improve a slice should I stay with a ball that has less spin? I have been working on my short game and the cheap balls I have been playing w
  14. Right know I have a P wedge and a 56 deg sand wedge. I have been thinking of adding another wedge. Would you guys recomend a Gap wedge or a 60 deg wedge? I really like my sand wedge and have been using that for all shots under 100 yards including chipping. Mark
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