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  1. Different instruction and instructors work for some people better than others. If it helps you to play better and enjoy the game more, than it just may be for you. I have been through quite a few instruction methods over the years, including Shawn's instruction at the premium level. He has definitely helped me and is not very expensive. However, I personally switched to RST after that. There is no magic bullet... This just worked for me personally. One last point... Evolvr is a nice option some have already mentioned. And Erik is a great instructor that you may consider for a one-on-one lesso
  2. I haven't been on here for awhile, but just coming on here, I answered yes and yes on this one. One year ago, I was ready to give up the game altogether, until I came here... Since that time, I started practicing everyday, did Evolvr, a lesson day in Erie and then recently moved to a different methodology. Every single step along the way has been beneficial and helped build my swing to where I am playing better and having a lots of fun. I finally realized that golf is a fun journey.
  3. Last day of the month... I worked on the my hip/turn and rotation drills with the mirror and in the backyard. This 5-min challenge is has been the greatest kick starter for me. In light of becoming a COMPLETELY STUPID MONKEY... I am going ALL IN. This was a tough decision to make, but I going to sign-off from TST for the last time. I have decided to completely take the advice of my Evolvr coach and the one instructor that I have had (Erik), and stop listening to all other advice (conflicting or not) and anything other than what I need to... my priority piece. And we all know that is diffe
  4. More work on hip turn with both driver and irons... started with mirror work in the garage and moved to the backyard. Focused on axis tilt and takeaway and then Key3 on follow through. took a few more videos and reviewed.... still need to continue the hip and shoulder turn more.
  5. For me, my mental game is closely tied to my swing. When my swing goes south, it messes with my mental game. It is at those time that I need to be my own coach and quiet my thoughts and slow things down a touch to get control of my swing... and my thoughts. Not keeping my mental game in check means that things only get worse for me.
  6. The pitch technique is new to me, since I've only been doing this the right way since February (in a lesson from Erik). I have to work on this regularly to get the feel. And, resist the tendency to swing down and allow the club to fall while pivoting through. The sweeping takeaway from the ball is another great key for me to making a good pitch. Question on something mentioned about the pitch shot mimicking the full swing. Forgive my ignorance... But how exactly is there a sameness here? I always thought of this shot to be completely different. I'm a bit confused on this one.
  7. Great video. To at least get that tempo and timing would be an achievement. I have a tendency to rush to the ball. I now force myself to count 1-2-3-4 from the takeaway, and don't start the downswing before 3.
  8. Learning about golf is fun. Arguing about theories and other assorted nonsense is futile.
  9. Started practice with mirror work with no club trying to get the rotation worked out. Then did a bunch of sessions in the backyard with driver and the 6-iron focusing on the rotation which is my priority piece at this point. took a number of videos and spent some time reviewing them. Back to work in the yard again for more of the same. Spent some time this evening working on pitch technique with short 5-10 yard pitches.
  10. Did some mirror work with my backswing focusing on hip turn and left knee flex inward to get more shoulder turn at A4. Then, worked on the driver and 7 iron with backswing and downswing drills. Following that, worked on slow full swings with both clubs. Noticed I get a straight solid strike with good backswing, 90 degree shoulder turn.... Bump hip.. Hip turn... Follow through. Liking the flow, but still need more work for consistency. I am already on a consistent practice mode and haven't missed a day of practice since sometime last fall, so will probably drop off the grid in doing the 5
  11. Product Name: MitholoG Ragz Product Type: Gold Towel Product Website/URL: http://www.mitholog.com/ Cost: $50 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 4 Value: 2 Effectiveness: 3 Durability: 4 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Link to Discussion Thread My Member Review The Ragz golf towel by MitholoG is available in various colors and makes this characteristic of the product, the aesthetic appeal to be the highest category. I like the colors to select from as I opted for the Aussie Aussie Jason-Z Day flavor. At first view of the towel, it appears to be durable and large eno
  12. For me, this is usually a combination of not getting a hip / shoulder centered turn and weight forward. I like to rehearse in super slow mode and stop at the final follow through stance trying to keep the feel. My thought is that all weight is on the outside of the left foot and really pinching the backside cheeks really hard. Of course, I understand that everyone has figure out their own feel. On you MySwing.... It appears that your weight is not moving to the left foot enough and you're having to bring your right foot forward. Maybe even try starting with the finish pose and work backwards..
  13. Did an analysis of yesterday's round to locate the major issues. It definitely was showing an excessive fade on my tee shots and pushing the long irons slightly. After further review and listening to my Evolvr analysis, there is a major issue with rotation. So, reviewed my past notes from my Erie lessons again and went through some slow motion drills and swing. I just received my brand new Eyeline 360 mirror for my birthday and did some rotation drills. Found the big issue and worked on the knee (left) bump and hip turn (hip slide didn't make it for me)... I needed to break this down to bump-t
  14. Yep! That could be so true. It's all important. We keep agruing what is more important .... I would submit that it is all important, though the full string is the first step.
  15. Played a round today. Nice weather... Some good strikes and some not so much. Just keeping my eyes on those priority pieces that I am working on.
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