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  1. Day 21 - May 3, 2021 Working on putting today with alignment, stoke and flow. Using Eye-line mirror alignment tool. Making some changes this week on golf direction. Waiting on responses from Evolvr.
  2. I’ll just do a review here.... I started to add a slight pause near the top and a tad more bend at the waist for better body turn. Still open for others to review.
  3. Day 20 - May 1, 2021 Played 18 again today. Some good tee shots. No good putting. Miserable score. Depressing. I need to figure some things out. Staying off the course and going to keep on the driving range. Maybe I need to find an actual golf coach. 😔
  4. Day 19 - April 30, 2021 I spent an hour at the range working on priority pieces and ball contact/direction. Then, played 18. Very poor round, but had a number of decent tee shots. A couple pars. Just being patient with the new changes.
  5. Day 18 - April 29, 2021 Rainy day! Resorted to indoor putting and short chip practice. Also working on grip and my favorite snap stick drill. Hit the gym for swimming laps this afternoon.
  6. Agreed! Some golf gloves seem to last longer than others. So if a company offers a subscription, are they already saying that their golf glove will last no longer than the new one arriving at my door? Hmmm. I like the long lasting ones.
  7. Day 17 - April 28,2021 Another great day at the range. Continued work on what I did yesterday. Focus on priority piece: grip and deeper turn on the left side. Also worked again on Snap Stick drill to improve contact. I felt really good about the improvement. Starting feel the solid compression hit. Finished off the day with some lag putting and green reading.
  8. Greetings! Good to see your post. Best wishes on your lessons. Your instructor will be able to start you down the road to correcting the early extension that you mentioned. The video is a bit hard to see. You may want to record in slow-mo. There is a page on this site that explains the best way to record your swing and the camera location. (I had issues with this too).
  9. Day 16 - April 27, 2021 Great range session today! Spent 3.5 hours working through each shot my priority piece and added in the snap stick drill with each club. Really making great contact. Loving the new swing changes.... love having unlimited range balls too. Finished off the day with some putting work and drills at the practice green. Checked for any comments or input on my swing. Nothing yet. Will check back later.
  10. Day 15 - April 26, 2021 Continuing Range work on my priority pieces with slightly faster swings than yesterday with various clubs. Work on alignment and ball contact. Additionally, added work between swings on the Snap Stick drill from the Covid drills to help with downswing. Posted 7 iron swing to My Swing to look for insights from others. Worked on putting stroke in practice pad, and pitch practice in the backyard.
  11. With the above swing, I changed the grip from interlocking to overlap. This seems to provide a more even grip pressure. Thanks for any comments or insights. Much appreciated.
  12. New swing posted today after working with my priority items which include... getting a stronger grip, more tilt (I was swinging fairly flat at the top), and getting the left side to come more in and down, while looking at the ball (I was looking more over the ball before), keeping the neck softer through the swing. I am interested in all comments and suggestions. Thanks! This swing is with the 7 iron in my backyard using the wiffle balls.....
  13. Day 14 - April 25, 2021 Range work on my priority pieces with slow swings on various clubs. Made a couple tweaks on my grip and how to get it into position from start to finish. Changed from interlock to overlap. Finished off with putting drills on the practice game. Starting to feel much more confident with the putter.
  14. Day 13 - April 23, 2021 Rainy day. Indoor work on putting and chipping. Spent till with getting comfortable with full swing grips and new putting grip. Also, working on a new swing idea for short chips around the green to use an iron with putting grip and flow.
  15. Day 12 - April 23, 2021 Spent 3 hours at the range working on my priority pieces for full swing. Settled in to the strong grip and decided on using the short thumb for better feel and control. Working through driver, hybrid, 7i, and PW with slow, smooth rhythmic flow. Felt really good with new changes. Finished off with pitch and putt practice. Worked through various putting drill that others suggested from my TST post on the forum.
  16. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions and drills. Just got back from the putting green and worked on a good portion of these drills. I love the 12’ drill to score 10. A work in progress. Thanks all.
  17. It appears that there has been no aspect of my putting that has been great. Though my distance has gotten better, since I’ve done a fair amount of lag putting for distance feel. So... a bit of history.... I went through a lot of different putters and read all the books, but never got confident on the greens. A couple weeks ago, I was sitting 2 on a par 5 with a 30 footer left for eagle. No eagle or birdie. 3 putted for a par (arg). So, after that embarrassment... I knew it was time to get serious about my putting. After that... I have completely revamped my technique, grip, and flow. I settled
  18. I have been taking some extra time to work on my putting.... stroke/contact, line, distance, etc. I have been plagued with way too many 3-putts on the card (arg). So, about drills... I have a couple drills I do, like putting down a yardstick trying to keep the ball on the stick to the end to practice the line. And, the basic round the clock drills by the hole to work on green reading. But that’s about it. Interested to find out what drills work for others here. How much do you practice putting? What drills do you work on that have helped your putting?
  19. Day 11 - April 22, 2021 Short Game practice day. Spent the morning and early afternoon studying Stan Utley’s putting style and worked on my grip for full swing, as well as changing my putting grip to Stan’s double overlap interlocking grip for putting. Took it to the practice green for s couple hours and worked on putting stroke, line, distance, along with some chip, pitch and putt practice. It seems this new style gives me much, much more control. Love that. I need to investigate some drills that might help hone in on my putting practice.
  20. Here is Southern Ohio, none of the courses I have been playing at have ever closed. One course, started last year with raised up holes, and went to the easy lift mechanism which they kept today. I like those. Masks in the clubhouse unless you are eating in the grill area. Sand traps were a free pull since the rakes were removed at one course, but just noticed that they are back out this month, along with the club stands at the range.
  21. Day 10 - April 21, 2021 I think I did something wrong yesterday, and developed a jammed up muscle in my back after yesterday’s session. Took the day to work on grip. Watched and read the TST threads for grip suggested by my Evolvr coach. Finished off with some indoor chipping and putting. I need to completely redo my putting technique. What I have now is not working. Going to re-read The Art of Putting by Stan Utley and see if I can find what is off.
  22. Day 9 - April 20, 2021 Spent an hour and a half at the range working on my priority points and ball contact and putting, since I had a scheduled round today. I should have stayed at the range. Probably the worst round I have ever had. Disappointing. Nothing was going right.
  23. Day 8 - April 19, 2021 Great session today at the range. 3 hours working through my priority points with various clubs and also the swing flow drill. Finished off with pitch and putting focusing on the rhythm and swing flow. Did a recording for Evolvr this evening and submitted.
  24. For those longer holes and par 5s... I usually hit my long irons pretty well for those shots just under 200 yds. I have a Cobra BioCell hybrid for those longer fairway shots. It’s pretty old, but very trusty when needed. I have been considering a fairway wood (3) for those shots off the fairway that are a bit further than the hybrid will take me. However, for the money and the amount of time I would use it poses the question. How often do you go flagstick hunting from that far away? Is to better to layup on the par 5s and then chip/pitch to try to get up and down? Looking for insights on what
  25. Day 7 - April 18, 2021 Went to Indians/Reds game with my daughter today. Tribe wins... yeah! A lot of pitching going on there, so took the evening to work some pitches using the Covid practice plan pitch drill (pun intended). 🤗 additionally... added work on alternating between pitches and chips at different distances. Finished off with swing flow drill and slow motion swings on priority points keeping tilt on backswing and down and under.
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