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  1. Used about 6 rounds, now I'm into a solid size 14. White leather drtjoys with the tan gator saddle. Good spikes, optiflex sole. $40 plus mailing or offer. adam_prymek@msn.com Thanks! Picture: http://yfrog.com/gznplvmj
  2. Black, short sleeved rain shirt. Has Allianz Championship logo on the sleeve. Too small for me, no rips or tears. I'd like maybe 15 plus mailing, which shouldn't be much. Pics on request adam_prymek@msn.com Thanks!
  3. Used, but in good shape (me, not so much..haha) Not exactly fitting into the large anymore. It's black, short sleeved, mesh lined. Zip pockets, tall collar with snap buttons. Has an "Allianz Championship" logo on one sleve, PING on the other. The Ping golfer logo between the shoulders. Make an offer and I can get it sent out. Pictures can be sent via email or pic message, just don't have any to upload at the moment. adam_prymek@msn.com Thanks, fellas.
  4. Because first, I'm a broke college student. Second, the gates don't get donated.
  5. Don Johnson as David Simms in Tin Cup.
  6. Stop by the Casey's stores and pick up free tickets if you havent done so. They are good for any 1 day and you cant get enough to check out each day. Just have to ask whoever is working and they'll give them to you. Better than payig $10-15 a day, IMO
  7. Was I supposed to stringer it? Call it a brown trout :)
  8. I caught an otter on my fly rod last weekend. It swam up and ate my float and ended up getting hooked. I set him free.
  9. How 'bout that team sittin at #4.........
  10. This is what I'm doing (using internet tabs). The first day I started on my Telecaster I played the opening to smoke on the water over and over and over until I could finger it well, really helped my left hand out.
  11. Bump... Really nothing to add at the moment, but I am enjoying the input.
  12. Hey, at least they have something at all. One I play is a nice course, and championship caliber, but they have no site.
  13. This guy begs to differ:
  14. Cinderella Story
  15. I make stupid little mistakes that get me frustrated on the course. Stuff I know I can do well, but somehow manage to screw up.