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  1. Ill start by saying im New to the game but i was under the impression you swing hybrids like irons... again im New to golf so i obviously could be wrong
  2. jryder

    Breaking bogey

    Yeah only six driving holes.. and i skull my sixty way too often
  3. jryder

    Breaking bogey

    Ok cool what forum is this and thank you new to the game but love it.. i can drive for show but can't putt for dough lol
  4. jryder

    Breaking bogey

    Been playing about six months and pretty often 3-4 times a week most times... i was wondering how long it took you guys to consistently play bogey ball as i just broke it for the first time.... although ill admit it was a par sixty course with almost no trouble unless you spray your driver..
  5. How competitive are most men's clubs.... im twenty five been golfing about seven months but very frequently.... im getting pretty pumped about being invited the men's club free of membership charge... should i go in trying to win or is it more of a laid back atmosphere??
  6. As a new player when should i concede putts
  7. I've been playing about five months play a lot of golf maybe 4-6 rounds a week.. i play a lot of par 60-65 courses and am only twenty five so i usually play 36 holes ie 2 rounds when i do play.. i usually keep it under 90 but have only played a maybe 5 rounds on par 72 courses... when do i know I'm ready to consistently play those longer courses
  8. Hanging up a sheet?????? GENIUS
  9. Im a beginner who struggled terribly off the tee... i Teed it up higher and teed off onto five or six par 3 greens (good for me) yesterday ... doesn't seem to help my driver slice tho... but with irons and woods try it with the ball just a tad higher.. hope it works
  10. jryder

    Beginner woes

    Thanks guys and as far as par on par 3s im very comfortable with my irons off the tee and will start hitting the range with my driver
  11. jryder

    Beginner woes

    Sorry for so many questions but i play my three wood off the tee because i slice my driver terribly is this a good move or should i work through my driver issues
  12. jryder

    Beginner woes

    Today i had 6 or seven pars ... would have to look at card but those par fours on this course give me trouble ie I'm happy with a six on them
  13. jryder

    Beginner woes

    How long should i play par 3 courses before going to real courses
  14. I'm new here..... and by my handicap you can tell I'm new to golf as well... shot 43-47 on a par 60 two strokes back of my best score on that course
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