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  1. Impact & Divots - Need to 'Hit Down'?

    Isn't it just shifting your weight properly forward during the swing? My pro had me hitting tees which i needed to hit until they jumped out high on the spot (like when you hit a proper Driver) before I was allowed to hit the ball. For me it was all about weight shifting and maybe steeper angle of attack. Hitting down can cause some pretty ugly turf hits before even getting to the ball, which leads me to overcompensate and start topping balls.
  2. My 3 favorite Players (Rory, Day and Rose) did not disappoint this season. Hopefully Rory or JR can get the win here.
  3. 2015 Barclays Discussion Thread

    Maybe it's me, but I find this course underwhelming to watch on tv.
  4. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm working as a Real Estate Agent since 2011 and I'm currently getting my degree as a confederate approved agent (that's what they call it in Switzerland). Currently I mostly work on client contracts and other areas that need some land register law expertise. Additionally I also help building an IT Company for my maybe on day father-in-law.
  5. Hi everyone My name is Matthias I'm 23 years old. I live near Zurich and started playing golf about 4 weeks ago. Well actually I attended a basics class with my girlfriend and my brother about one year ago (2x3 hours) but never followed up until a few weeks ago. I'm currently working on my "Platzreife" (allowence to play actual courses) with a teacher.